How To Make Hash

How To Make Hash

Once people learn how to smoke hash, they’re often curious about learning how to make hashish on their own. Hash or hashish is a traditional marijuana product made by compressing trichomes into a potent, enjoyable form. 

Making hash might sound like a big undertaking, but anyone can learn how to make black hash with some patience. Let’s explore some of the most popular methods of how to make finger hash, plus learn fascinating details and history of this famous product.

What Is Hash?

Also called hashish, hash is a pretty popular drug that is made by compressing trichomes. If you’re not up on your cannabis anatomy, trichomes are small, transparent particles that grow all over the marijuana plant. Trichomes have a crystalline structure and are often concentrated in cannabis flowers and buds

One characteristic that makes these little crystals extremely special is that they are full of THC and CBD. You can think of trichomes as containing all the active ingredients that make marijuana so wonderful. In addition to making you feel high and helping reduce inflammation, trichomes also create the classic cannabis aroma. 

When you’re learning how to smoke hash, you’re able to enjoy trichomes in a very potent application. The process of how to make hashish involves removing the crystals from cannabis stems, leaves, and buds. The isolated trichomes are then heated and pressed to form a potent cannabis concentrate.

Whether you’re learning how to make hash from kief or how to make hash from trimmings, the ideal batch of hashish has recognizable qualities. Perfect hash has a beautiful amber colour, ranging from true gold to rich brown, depending on the light. If you find hash with a green tint, that’s a sign that the batch includes more raw plant material than was necessary.

Here are some of the best methods for making your hashish. Once you master these, you’re free to explore how to smoke hash whenever you’re like.


How To Make Hash

Traditional Hand Rolling Method

You can learn how to make hashish most traditionally when making it with your bare hands. This method is widely used around the world, especially in places like Nepal and India. Learning how to make finger hash is a valuable skill, especially if you’re making hash for your personal use. Hand rolling can be time-consuming, so it’s great to do while you’re watching a movie or listening to a podcast. 

Once you know how to smoke hash, you can indulge yourself with a fresh, hand-rolled batch. You only need a few materials:

  • Fresh cannabis buds (dried buds are not recommended)
  • Spotless hands


Step 1

Wash your hands with non-scented soap. We suggest washing them a few times and letting them air dry. 


Step 2

Pick up a bud and remove all the leaves and stems. You only need the buds to learn how to make black hash.


Step 3

Place the buds between your hands in the center of your palms. Then, without applying too much pressure, start rolling the buds in a circular motion.


Step 4

Keep rolling until you notice a dark, thick resin forming on your palms and fingers. This black resin is what gives black hash its name. Carefully collect the resin between your hands, then transfer it to a clean surface.


Step 5

Let your hash dry before cutting or using it.


Mechanical Method

For a more professional way of making hash, you can try the mechanical method. Mechanical separation uses specialized equipment to separate the trichomes. For example, a mechanical drum or pollinator is used to spin cannabis buds, separating the trichomes from the rest of the plant.

The mechanical method is efficient and is a great way to make hash that’s not for your personal use. After all, not everyone wants to use hashish that you made with your bare hands. However, the mechanical drums can get pretty expensive. Expect to spend at least $350 on a pollinator drum. If you’re interested in learning about this method, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Trimmed cannabis
  • Mechanical drum/pollinator

Step 1

Freeze your trimmed cannabis.


Step 2

Once your buds are frozen, place them in the drum and turn it on. That’s all you need to do! The pollinator will take care of the rest. When it spins, the buds rub against a silkscreen at the bottom of the drum. This method might be pricy, but it’s also easy to use and provides very potent results.

Flat Iron Method

If you’re still not sold on the traditional rolling method but don’t want to spring for a complete mechanical drum, you can learn to make hash from kief using a flat iron. Yes, this standard hair tool can help you get high! 

When learning how to make hash from trimmings, using a flat iron can be a great alternative to the mechanical method. It’s essential to be careful with this method since burning your hands, buds, or other materials is possible. No one wants that. If you’re thoughtful and cautious, however, the flat iron method can produce great results. 

Gather the following materials:

  • One flat iron
  • Cannabis flowers
  • Vegetal paper
  • Tweezers

Step 1

Remove flowers from the stems and leaves and group them into small amounts.


Step 2

Cut your vegetal paper into 3×6 inch rectangles.


Step 3

Place a bud onto one paper strip and fold it into a pouch. Fold the sides over a few times to make sure the bud will stay safely inside.


Step 4

Turn on the flat iron.


Step 5

Pick up the pouch by one end and shake it to send the buds towards the other side. Then carefully close the flat iron over the pouch, applying heat through the paper to the bud.


Step 6

Set the paper aside for a few seconds and let it cool. Once it’s safe to touch, open the paper. There should be a few dark drops on the inside of the packet. These drops are resin, which results from squeezing and heating the buds.


Step 7 

Use tweezers to remove the resin to a clean location. Repeat these steps until you’re processed each bud and collected its resin to use.


Enjoying Your Hash

As you can see, making hashish at home isn’t complicated. You don’t need any specialized equipment if you’re willing to invest a little time and patience into the process. Once you learn how to smoke hash, you can explore a whole new world of cannabis options. Buy Hash Online in Canada or get same-day hash delivery in Vancouver at Weed Delivery Vancouver. Get the best deals on hashish in the Lower Mainland. 

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