How To Use A Weed Vaporizer

How To Use A Weed Vaporizer

You might know that there are vape pens you can use for cannabis concentrates such as oils and distillates. But did you know there are vape pens that are used to smoke buds? Don’t mistake the two because they aren’t the same and serve different purposes. For our purposes, we will be talking about the vapes that are meant for vaping cannabis flowers. Let’s take a look at how to vape buds with a weed vaporizer.

Step 1

Make sure your weed vape pen’s battery is charged, then turn it on. You don’t want to run out of batteries halfway through your session.

Step 2

Break the weed into small pieces by hand, or place them in your grinder. Without pressing down too much, twist the grinder a few times. Then, remove the weed from the grinder.

Step 3

Place a tiny bit of weed into the vape pen chamber. Make sure not to overfill the chamber with too much weed.

Step 4

Pack the weed with a finger. Don’t pack it too much as you don’t want to inhibit airflow. Just make sure the surface is level. 

Step 5

Wait about 30 seconds for the vape pen to heat to your selected temperature setting. 


Step 6

Next, prime the vape pen by taking a few light puffs.

Step 7

Now, entirely place your mouth around the mouthpiece and take a long drag.

Step 8

Turn your vape pen off and make sure to clean it well. Keeping a clean vaporizer is essential to prevent bacteria and mould from forming.

Get into the habit of regularly cleaning your vape pen. When resin builds up, vaporization will be hit and miss. For efficient, optimal benefit, you need to use a clean vape pen. 

How To Buy Weed Vapes In Canada

Buying weed online is as easy as just a few clicks. The legalization of marijuana made discreet home delivery possible. You can now buy edibles, cannabis concentrates, hash, and other products online. Everything you need to vape or enjoy other marijuana products is available online. If you are ready to start vaping, you can buy your vape pen and cleaning kit online. It’s all delivered straight to your door. 

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