Same Day Weed Delivery in White Rock BC
Phone: (236) 899-7717  –  Hours: 12PM to 8PM Daily

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Same Day Weed Delivery in White Rock BC
Phone: (236) 899-7717  –  Hours: 12PM to 8PM Daily

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Written by the Weed Delivery Vancouver Team

Updated on March 11, 2021

Welcome to the best cannabis delivery service in White Rock BC, Not only do we provide timely and reliable same day weed delivery in White Rock, but we currently service all surrounding cities as well. We provide users with a plethora of top-grade products such as marijuana flowers, weed edibles, cannabis concentrates, vapes, CBD, and shrooms. Our products are lab-tested, and our team adheres to strict quality standards so that only the freshest, most potent, and highest-quality products reach your hands. So browse through our menu of hundreds of top weed strains and brand-name cannabis items. See why so many have chosen us for their same day marijuana needs in White Rock, BC. And don’t forget to take full advantage of our many promotions because there are tonnes of savings that await. So place an order now and receive a first-time buyer discount on top of our already significant savings.

What is Weed Delivery in White Rock?

A marijuana delivery service in White Rock is a weed dispensary that brings you your goods. White Rock weed delivery is very similar to any other cannabis store or marijuana dispensary regarding the products they offer. However, the services offered can be different. For instance, some weed shops only offer in-store purchases, whereas others only let users buy weed online from their website. Others provide same day marijuana delivery anywhere in White Rock. These canna delivery services are perhaps the simplest way to buy weed in White Rock. You would only need to visit their website, fill up your cart, place your order, and wait a few hours for your goods to be delivered. 

What Types of Products Can You Find At A Cannabis Dispensary in White Rock?

At any cannabis dispensary, you can find a massive selection of marijuana-related products. However, the quality and prices of the products will vary widely. At Weed Delivery Vancouver, you can find the best deals on the top brand name weed concentrates, edibles, vapes, cannabidiol, and magic mushrooms. Also, these products provide a wide range of effects and benefits for recreational and medical users alike. You also have access to over a hundred of the top weed strains in Canada. Let’s take a closer look at what other items you can find in these categories of products. 

Marijuana Strains

Cannabis strains are a category that contains all your favourite Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid flowers. At Weed Delivery Vancouver, we offer over 100 of Canada’s most popular cannabis strains. And remember, the more you buy, the more you save. So buy bulk weed in White Rock from our cannabis delivery and save big. Feel free to browse through our premium AAAA flowers, AAA weed, and budget buds and find the perfect quality that suits your tastes.

Cannabis Extracts

We can create Marijuana concentrates through processes that extract THC from cannabis flowers. Cannabis concentrates are highly potent products that are perfect for experienced users and those who just want an alternative to smoking weed. You can find items such as premium wax, hashish, shatter, oil, terp sauce, and kief. 

Weed Edibles

Marijuana Edibles in White Rock are the hottest trend in the cannabis community, and for a good reason. These tasty treats are infused with THC to provide users with a potent and long-lasting high. So get same day weed delivery in Burnaby on your favourite weed edibles such as fresh gummies, chocolates, baked goods, and tea.

THC Vapes

For all you vapers out there, we have you covered. We keep a fresh stock of the top branded cannabis vape products in Canada. This selection includes popular items such as our cannabis vapes, cartridge refills, and vape Juice. So look no further if you are looking for the best marijuana vape products in White Rock.


For anyone not wanting to get high, you can try our selection of CBD products offered by our cannabis dispensary. These items are known not to get users high and are perfect for light users. They are also known to provide a broad set of therapeutic benefits. You can find in our weed shop a wide selection of cannabidiol oil, vapes, topicals, edibles, and isolates. 

Magic Mushrooms

You can also find a large variety of shroom products offered by many weed dispensaries in White Rock. However, quality can vary significantly between marijuana shops. At Weed Delivery Vancouver, we have put together a menu of only the highest-grade magic mushroom products in Canada. Our mushroom menu includes our selection of dried shrooms, chocolates, gummies, capsules, and tea. So enjoy the many therapeutic benefits that accompany shroom use.

It’s Now Simpler Than Ever to Buy Weed in White Rock

With same day weed delivery in White Rock, you can have your order brought directly to you in a few hours or less. At WeedDeliveryVancouver, it is our goal to make purchasing cannabis as simple and as convenient as possible. Just follow these steps and have your package in no time. 

Step 1: Visit our shop and browse through over 100 weed strains and hundreds of brand-name cannabis products.

Step 2: Select your preferred items and fill up your cart.

Step 3: Call our number or place your order online through our site

We will then package your items and send your order off with our driver. You can expect to get your package delivered within a few hours. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email. Our team is committed to helping you find what you need to assist in enhancing your experience as much as possible.

Why Choose Weed Delivery in White Rock as Your Trusted Source For Cannabis?

Buy weed in White Rock from the same day marijuana delivery and receive your package within a few hours. Just pick out the products you want and make an order by phone or online. It’s that simple! Next, our team will gather your items and ship them off with one of our couriers. At WeedDeliveryVancouver, we provide users with the chance to get top-grade cannabis at prices that are hard to resist. Throw on top of that our exciting promotions, and the savings are sure to start adding up. 

But most importantly, you should shop with us because we care about our customers. We go over and beyond to make sure that we exceed all our customers’ expectations. So give us a chance and see for yourself why locals rate us as the top weed delivery in White Rock, BC.

Recreational & Medical Marijuana Legalization in White Rock BC

Cannabis in White Rock has had a rocky past. However, the current state of weed in White Rock has changed dramatically in a positive way. As of October 17, 2018, recreational and medical marijuana was made legal in Canada. On October 17th, the following year, cannabis derivatives such as concentrates, edibles, and topicals joined the list of legalized products. You can find a full breakdown of Canadian cannabis laws in the Cannabis Act. However, each Province and Territory can have a different set of rules and regulations regarding marijuana. Therefore, it is vital to understand the local weed laws to stay safe. For anyone in BC, you can visit the BC Government’s cannabis page

We have provided an outline of the central laws most relevant to most cannabis users in White Rock for your convenience. 

  • Must be 19 years of age to purchase, sell, or consume cannabis
  • Users can possess up to 30 grams in public.
  • You cannot smoke cannabis in any area where smoking tobacco is prohibited.
  • It’s illegal to use cannabis on school properties or in vehicles.
  • Each household can have up to 4 cannabis plants being grown at a time.

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