THC Oil Guide: How to Use Cannabis Oil

For you to reap the benefits of cannabis oil, it has to enter the bloodstream and then the endocannabinoid system

Users have several ways to take cannabis oil; let’s take a look at some of the most common methods:

THC Oil Guide: How to Use Cannabis Oil

Smoking or Vaping

Smoking cannabis in a joint is standard, but continuous smoke inhalation can negatively affect lung capacity. Because of this, vaporizers have become popular. The vaporizer heats the cannabis oil enough to cause decarboxylation. The vapour is then inhaled. Vaporizers are designed to heat the cannabis extracts to the perfect temperature. If the extract rises above a specific temperature, you run the risk of inhaling dangerous byproducts. Always buy your vape pen from a trusted, licensed seller.

Vaping enables users to reap peak benefits faster than smoking. Vaping is ideal for anyone in need of fast pain relief. However, while you get more immediate benefits from vaping, they also dissipate more quickly. If you need extended relief, vaping may not be the best option for you.


THC Oil Guide: How to Use Cannabis Oil

Topical Use

When applied to the skin, cannabinoids are slowly absorbed, which offers extended benefits. Topical use gives you peak benefits within about 1 ½ hours, with continuing benefits for up to 48 hours. 

Rectal Use

When THC oil is used rectally, the absorption rate is so poor that some users reported no psychotropic effects at all. Therefore, this is not the best method for using cannabis oil. 

Oral Use

When cannabis oil is consumed by mouth, the oil has to be digested. Enzymes in the digestive tract lead to reduced absorption and extended-release time.


Sublingual means “under the tongue.” The tissues in the mouth are thin, so THC oil placed under the tongue is absorbed well. THC oil and cannabis oil tinctures come with a dropper so that you can place a few drops under your tongue. Sublingual is the fastest way to reap the benefits of cannabis oil. You lose little of the oil’s effectiveness since it does not have to be digested. With sublingual use, bioavailability is between 15% to 35%. Sublingual use is convenient for on the go and discreet as well.


THC Oil Guide to Dosages


Method of Use

Serving Size



Vape oil Inhalation 1 – 1.5 ml 200 – 1500 mg 6.6 – 50 mg
Tincture Sublingual 1 ml 100 – 5000 mg 3.3 – 166.65 mg
Edible Oral One edible 5 – 100 mg 5 – 100 mg
Topical Skin Application Your preference 250 -1500 mg Your preference


THC Oil Guide to Measurements

Ounces Pounds Grams
1 1/16 28.3495
2 1/8 56.669
3 1 / 5.3 85.049
4 1/4 113.398
8 1/2 226.796
12 3/4 340.194
16 1 453.592
32 2 907.185


How To Buy Cannabis Oil in Canada

We hope you enjoyed our weed oil mini-guide. Weed oil is highly versatile so that you can pick your preferred method of consumption. In addition, cannabis oil offers many benefits that you won’t find in other marijuana products. You can also conveniently buy THC cannabis oil online in Canada.

Weed Delivery Vancouver has some of the best quality cannabis oils on the market. We closely follow government regulations to ensure you get a top-shelf, quality product. Also, it only takes minutes to discreetly and quickly purchase THC or CBD oil online. We also carry various cannabis concentrates and marijuana products, including vape pens, bongs, and oil rigs.  We hope our cannabis oil guide has helped you learn how to buy quality cannabis oil, the options for using cannabis oil, and most of all, how to enjoy your cannabis oil! We are here to fulfill all your cannabis oil needs.

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