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Buy CBD Vapes in Vancouver
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Written by the Weed Delivery Vancouver Team

Updated on March 11, 2021

CBD vapes are similar to THC vapes except for the substance meant for vaping. For example, cannabidiol vapes are not psychoactive, so they don’t get users high. Instead, the CBD modulates how other cannabinoids interact with an individual’s body. Furthermore, these products are known to be some of the most convenient and efficient ways to take CBD. So pick some up the next time you place an order with Weed Delivery Vancouver. We offer a wide selection of some of the best hemp-derived CBD vapes in Canada.

What is CBD (aka Cannabidiol)?

CBD (aka Cannabidiol) is a hemp-based product that contains no psychoactive properties. That means that CBD does not get people intoxicated as marijuana does. That is because tetrahydrocannabinol is the cannabinoid responsible for the traditional weed effects. Many CBD products do not contain any THC.

What CBD does is moderates how other cannabinoids (such as THC) interact with one's body. CBD increases the chance things go smoothly and provides a balanced set of effects. That makes CBD ideal for anyone looking for therapeutic benefits but without psychoactive sensations.  

However, CBD research is still in the early stages, and much work is to come. As new studies go live, new uses for CBD are sure to come. But for now, CBD assists millions in their daily lives. 

What is CBD Vapes?

A CBD vape is a tool used to turn cannabidiol into a vapour ready to be inhaled. These products are the same as any weed vape pen except that the substance you vape is CBD and not THC. However, you can get full-spectrum CBD oil vape products that contain both THC and CBD.  The type of CBD vape you will buy depends on your intended purpose. If you want to get high, then go for one with THC added. If you don’t wish to get high, then stick with the pure CBD vapes.

That makes CBD makes some of the safest and purest forms of therapeutic medication available. Also, CBD vapes are the most convenient, efficient, and effective ways to take cannabidiol. It’s no wonder why the CBD vape community is growing at such a rapid pace. 

Components of a CBD Vape

Now that we know what CBD vapes are let’s take a look at their main individual components.

Vape Pen / Battery

A vape pen is a battery that charges the CBD vape. They typically come with a button to activate it or with no button and automatically start up when you inhale. Vape pens can come in a variety of qualities. Some being expensive and top-quality, to cheap ones that are disposable. 

Vape Cartridge / Atomizer

A vape cartridge's main jobs are to hold the concentrate and heat it. Each vape cartridge tank contains what is called an atomizer. The vape pen heats the atomizer and heats the CBD, and turns into vapour. You can refill vape cartridges, but you will need a new one if it starts to clog. The good thing is that you can toss out many of them after use. 

CBD Vape Juice / E Juice

CBD vape juice is the product that you find inside the vape cartridge. It is this substance that turns into the vapour for you to inhale. CBD E juice comes in a wide variety of flavours and spectrums. Just be sure to buy CBD vape juice from a reliable source so you can be confident you’re not inhaling anything you shouldn’t.

How To Vape CBD

Vaping CBD can be relatively straightforward. Just buy a vape pen, CBD vape cartridge, connect them, and puff away. You can even get disposable CBD pens that are already ready to go. That is also possible with CBD vape kits that are pre-packaged with everything you need.

All you need to do is activate the vape pen by holding down the button or just inhale if your pen is buttonless. Vaping CBD is one of the most convenient ways to take cannabidiol. There is no prep work needed and no clean-up required. 

Therapeutic Effects of CBD Vapes

The cannabidiol in CBD vapes does not directly induce any effects. It does, however, improve the results of other cannabinoids. CBD does this by regulating the interactions of cannabinoids and the body. The body naturally produces cannabinoids, and CBD helps bring the best out of them. CBD also holds cannabinoids to ensure not one provides too intense of effects. Whatever the case, many use CBD for a wide variety of benefits.

Below are some of the most common effects associated with CBD vape use.

Increases in peace and relaxation Energy infusion increases
Uplifting sensations affecting mood Flashes of creativity
Heightened levels of happiness Improvement of levels of focus

Medical Benefits of CBD Vapes

Vaping CBD in the medical marijuana community has endless potential. It is convenient, efficient, and useful. That makes CBD vapes an ideal tool for medical patients to have available. On top of that, the medical uses of CBD continue to grow every day.  Currently, millions of cannabis patients use CBD to help them get through their daily lives. That makes CBD vapes a valuable asset to many. 


Below are some of the most common medical uses of CBD vapes in Canada. 

Minimizes levels of Anxiety Assists in Addiction Cessation
Decreases Depression Levels Beneficial for Some Psychiatric Conditions
Lowers levels of Stress Helps Ease Aches & Pains
Decreases Inflammation of Joints Counteracts Nausea and Vomiting
Minimizes Muscle Spasm Issues Minimizes PTSD flashes
Helps With Sleep Disorders Improvement of Spasticity
Promotes an  Appetite Increases Fatigue
Helps With ADD/ADHD Issues Useful in Controlling Epilepsy

Side Effects of Vaping CBD

Vaping harmful CBD products can be a health hazard. Shady dealers and producers can fill these products up with anything. Therefore, it is important to buy CBD vapes from a reputable source like WeedDeliveryVancouver. This way, you know you are getting quality products, such as those from Keoni CBD, that you can trust.

Also, the best thing about CBD is that it is safe. It has even been declared safe by the World Health Organization. However, CBD can interfere with certain medications. Therefore, it is essential to check with your doctor if taking any other medicines. Other than that, CBD rarely has any reports of severe adverse effects. The most a user would experience are dry eyes and dry mouth. However, users should take CBD vapes with responsibility with care.

Below are some of the most common side effects associated with CBD vape use. 

Dry and Red Eyes Dry Mouth (Cottonmouth)
Increased Anxiousness Increased Heart Rate
Lowered Blood Pressure Increased Restlessness
Allergic Reactions Medication Interference

CBD Vape Dosage Chart

Perhaps the best thing about CBD Vapes is that it is known to be safe. This fact has even been made public in a report issued by the World Health Organization. However, we recommend you take CBD in responsible dosages.  Below is a chart outlining suggested doses of CBD for set boy weights. We should note that everybody is different, and this chart should be used only as a guideline.

Weight Low (mg) Moderate (mg) High (mg)
<100 lbs 10 27 55
100-125 lbs 14 34 75
125-150 lbs 17 43 95
150-175 lbs 20 50 120
175-200lbs 23 58 140
200-250 lbs 27 65 155
>250 lbs 30 73 175

Related Products You Can Try

CBD works great with other products such as THC-based items and magic mushrooms. That is because of the regulating and balancing properties that CBD possesses. Let’s take a look at some of the most common products that can benefit from cannabidiol. 

Cannabis: There are currently thousands of weed strains in Canada. The weed category includes the buds you typically see smoked in a joint, bong, or pipe. There are many cannabis strains that you can classify as hybrid, Sativa and Indica weed. Also, you can get different qualities of buds that include premium AAAA weed, AAA weed, and budget buds. 

Cannabis concentrates: These products are made by extracting THC from buds. Weed concentrates are known to contain high levels of THC. The most popular THC concentrates are hashish, shatter, budder, and weed oil. We suggest these products for experienced users who have high tolerance levels. The best thing about marijuana extracts is that you need less product to get the desired effects. 

THC Weed Edibles: This group of cannabis products is growing the quickest, and for a good reason. THC edibles are delicious treats packed with tetrahydrocannabinol. That makes them some of the most potent weed products available. What’s not to like about mixing tasty treats with your favourite substance? Some of the most popular marijuana edibles include THC gummies and baked THC goods.

THC Vapes: Weed vapes are a great alternative to CBD vapes for anyone looking to get high. Marijuana vapes are known to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to take THC. All you require is the same things a CBD vape requires (except for CBD instead of THC): a vape pen, THC cartridge, and some THC E-juice, and you’re good to go. 

Magic Mushrooms: These hallucinogenic products are for anyone looking for an out-of-this-world experience. Shrooms contain the substance psilocybin and are known to cause reality-warping effects. Popular items in this category include dried mushrooms, shroom capsules, shroom gummies, shrooms chocolates, and even shroom tea. 

The Best Place to Buy CBD Online in Canada

At WeedDeliveryVancouver, we provide customers with the most refined hemp-based product in Canada. Our CBD vapes are some of the purest and cleanest cannabidiol on the market. So give us a shot, and let us help make your life easier. Shop at Weed Delivery Vancouver and save now on the best CBD vapes in Canada. Order now and get timely same day CBD vape delivery in the Greater Vancouver Area.

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