How to Roll A Basic Marijuana Joint

How to Roll a Joint

Now that cannabis legalization is in full force in Canada, you might be wanting to give it a shot. And the best and most common way to take weed is by smoking it in joint form. Rolling a joint is easy to some but can be challenging to others. But to learn how to roll a basic marijuana joint usually takes some time and practice. This article is for newcomers looking for the basics of how to roll a joint to get yourself started.

Let’s begin by going over what a joint is. A joint is cannabis buds that are broken up and rolled to smoke like one would an old-fashioned cigarette. You would roll the marijuana flower bits with a rolling paper that you can purchase at any convenience store or weed dispensary.

Joint rolling may seem intimidating if you have never tried it, but it’s pretty simple. There are many different types of joints you can roll, but let’s stick to the good old-fashioned standard joint for now.


Step 1: First, get your bud and a package of some rolling papers.

Step  2: Use your fingers to break up the weed. You can use a weed grinder or scissors if you’d like to keep your fingers from getting too sticky.

Step 3: Deposit a small amount of weed onto the side of the paper with the sticky strip facing up.

Step 4: Use your index fingers to secure the ends of the paper, and then take your thumb and tap down the weed until it is compacted enough to be rolled up.

Step 5: Still using your thumb, begin to roll the side closest to you while keeping it tight. Note that everyone is different, so try to roll the joint to feel comfortable to you. 

Step  6: Then, double-check that the tip of the paper is secured on the underside of the joint.

Step 7: Finish rolling up your joint until it is nice and cylindrical and smooth like a cigarette, then lick the paper to adhere to it and close it well. 

Final Steps: Light it up, toke it up, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

There are also plenty of instructional videos online if you need to see them done to learn. You may also consider buying pre-rolled joints if you feel the source to be trusted and safe. That way you can be sure to be getting quality buds for the most optimal sets of benefits.


In Conclusion on How to Roll A Joint

Once you figure out how to roll a basic marijuana joint, you can try to roll advanced joints like the cross joint or rolling cannons. Rolling marijuana is an art form, and there is a lot you can learn with new and innovative ways of rolling weed being invented. 

Or, if you just can’t get the hang of rolling a joint or are looking for the convenience of not having to roll at all, you can buy pre-rolled joints from online dispensaries. Or, if you live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, you can get your order on the same day from services such as Weed Delivery Vancouver. Find top-quality joints from some of the best cannabis farmers in BC.

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