A Guide to Everything about Live Resin

Live Resin is one of the newest forms of cannabis concentrate and is highly sought after. It rose to popularity within the last decade, and unlike most other concentrates available at weed dispensaries. In this guide, we break down the concentrate and give you all the details you need should you decide to partake in this unique and boutique new method of getting high.

Live Resin: The Basics

Live resin is practically the same as other concentrates, don’t let the name intimidate you. The extraction process for it is the main difference. Other methods involve high temperatures, but the cannabis plant is frozen at sub-zero temperatures with live resin. When freeze-drying the plant, all of the oils are left behind. They also retain the original terpene profile, meaning live resin usually smells, tastes, and produces more potent effects.

The new cannabis product is relatively new to the market. William Fenger and Jason Emo discovered it in 2013 when they skipped the drying process and froze their cannabis buds. They found that harvesting the plant and freezing it fresh preserved the terpenes, which kept the flavours and aroma pungent. However, drying cannabis is a long process, and much of the terpenes are lost throughout it.

Most people enjoy live resin through dabbing. By heating the live resin using high temperatures, you can get high off the unique terpene profile. In addition, you can dab most forms of live resin, whether waxy or crumbly. 


Characteristics of Live Resin

Live resin comes in many types with various characteristics. The final product is dependent on how it is handled during the extraction process and other variables like moisture. Live resin can be waxy, crumbly, solid, fragile, or saucy. Your local dispensaries will have all different kinds, and you can check to see what is currently available at them. We will go over all the types more in-depth throughout this guide.  

The main difference between live resin and other cannabis products is the taste and smell. The preserved terpene profile provides a unique flavour and aromatic that is distinctive. This layer of distinction cannot be found in many other concentrates on the market because only the live resin extraction process preserves the terpene profile. As a result, each strain will have a unique terpene profile with flavours and aromas to try. 

All live resins maintain similar levels of THC. The usual range is between 60 to 80 percent. These levels of THC remain the same across all different strains of live resin. Some consumers claim the stronger the strain’s terpene profile, the more it enhances the effects of the high, but there is no supporting scientific evidence. When dealing with high terpene profiles, consider a new consumer versus a regular stoner. Concentrates like live resin is not the best first experience for new consumers because of their high potency. They are better for more experienced stoners.

Live resin is similar to other methods of cannabis consumption affects your system depending on several different factors. How long it stays also depends on individual factors such as your metabolism, tolerance, and weight. Remember that resin has a higher THC concentration, so it can be traceable in your body for months after using it. That is especially true if you are a frequent user. Unfortunately, too many factors go into determining how long resin will remain traceable in your body. It could be days for one person and months for another.

Live Resin Compared to other Cannabis Products

We’ve used resin and live resin interchangeably throughout this guide, but it is essential to point out that these two are different cannabis products. Resin is often considered the oil that comes from the thousands of glands on the cannabis plant. These glands are what producers turn into kief by drying and curing them. Live resin is simply the process of freezing the plant and preserving all the natural oils, cannabinoids, flavours, and aromas. Live resin tends to be more expensive and harder to find. Both can be dabbed or smoked in a vape pen.

Another familiar cannabis concentrate people confuse with resin is rosin. Rosin is a cruder and less potent form of resin. It is essentially a homemade version but still safe. To make it, all you need is heat and pressure. For example, you can use some fresh buds and a hair straightener. The THC contents are similar, but it is also considered more natural because they do not use chemicals in the extraction process.

Bud and live resin have some distinct differences. Live resin is a byproduct of cannabis, but it contains higher levels of THC than weed. Live resin can reach a THC concentration of 95 percent, while bud tends to max out in the 30 percentiles. As a result, dabbing will produce a more intense high and have more prolonged effects than smoking cannabis flowers.

Resin is designed to have a more pungent taste and aroma, but weed edibles are much tastier. Edibles are made to mask the taste and smell of weed using other ingredients. Edibles also last longer than resin and produce a high felt throughout the entire body. Since they are baked or cooked, the cannabis used in edibles loses a portion of its THC concentration, making them less potent than resin.

The main difference between live resin and other concentrates is in the extraction process. Most common concentrates are made through a drying and curing process, while the live resin is frozen at sub-zero temperatures and perfectly preserved. This process makes it more aromatic and flavorful and produces a higher THC concentration.


Buying Live Resin

Live resin is a tremendous high any stoner would want to try. Luckily, getting ahold of some is easy. You can buy it from most dispensaries or even online. However, be prepared to spend more on live resin than other concentrates. Compared to others, it is considerably more expensive because extracting it is much more difficult. Live resin can be up to 100 dollars per gram. You can find cheaper, less pure alternatives like shatter wax or crumbles at dispensaries for 60 or 80 dollars.

If you can not access a local dispensary, there are plenty of online options for buying live resin. There are hundreds of online cannabis stores such as Daily Marijuana that sell various products. You can also find others at places such as Weed List. Most of them also ship all over the country in discreet packages. If you live in the Lower Mainland of BC and want the ultimate convenience, you can order now and get live resin sent right to your door in 2-3 hours at Weed Delivery Vancouver.


Live resin offers the promise of an incredible high as long as you start small. However, even if you are a regular stoner, doing too much your first time can leave you with a terrible high. To master dabbing, always start small and work your way up. Live resin offers an entirely new experience on your cannabis journey but whether it is good or bad depends on your preference.

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