How To Sober Up From Weed

Even the most experienced potheads can overdo it sometimes, getting so high that they have difficulty sobering up. If this happens to you, its nothing to worry about. Millions of people worldwide use cannabis, and there hasnt been a single reported death from a marijuana overdose. So no matter how bad you might feel, you can count on coming down eventually.

That doesnt mean it feels good to be out of this world when you want to get back to normal. Anyone can make the mistake of overdoing it. Here are some simple tips and tricks for sobering up from weed and getting marijuana out of your system. Whether you overindulge in concentrates, edibles, bud, or any other format, youll be back to yourself before you know it. 

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1. Dont Panic

When you want to know how to sober up from weed, we know that avoiding panic is easier said than done. Its normal to feel sweaty and generally not okay. But, remember that everything is going to be okay in the long run! So, be patient, calm, and have faith in the process.

Try to take a nap if you can. It might be hard to turn off your brain, but resting is a great way to kill time while youre learning how to sober up fast. Chances are, youll feel a lot better when you wake up.

How To Sober Up From Weed

2. Stay Hydrated

Water will always make you feel better, especially when youre super high. Make it a habit to keep a cold bottle of water with you whenever you use pot. This will keep you hydrated but also help you discover how to get less high. You can keep yourself busy and occupied by focusing on simple acts like sipping and swallowing. Water will also help your body figure out how to get rid of red eyes by improving your hydration.

If water doesnt sound good, sip fruit juices instead. Also, stay away from alcohol or carbonated drinks because they might increase your THC levels.

3. Have A Snack

When you need to know how to stop being high, have a healthy snack. A light snack like fruits, nuts, or even a sandwich will help your body keep metabolizing. After your snack, sit back, try to relax, and see if you feel any better.

How To Sober Up From Weed

4. Find Black Peppercorns

If a snack and some water havent helped and you still need to know how to get unhigh, dont leave the kitchen yet. Instead, find some black peppercorns or black table pepper to chew or smell. We know this tip sounds weird, but black peppercorn contains terpenes that can help control the intoxicating effects of THC. Start slow with the pepper since you dont need to burn your mouth or start sneezing while youre trying to see how to sober up from weed.

5. Lemons? Yes, Lemons.

If theres no pepper around, but you still need to see how to sober up fast, grab a lemon. Squeeze one or two lemons into a glass of water and drink. You can also try sniffing the scent of lemon juice. Either way, youre absorbing limonene, a natural compound that can reduce cannabis-related anxiety.

6. Take A Bath

A classic method for getting marijuana out of your system is to get into the water. A soothing cold bath or shower can help decrease your heart rate and calm your mind. If youre not at home, try splashing cool water onto your face, head, and neck for the same effect. This is an excellent tool for how to get less high.

7. Call A Friend

Don’t forget about your support network when you need to know how to sober up from weed. Call a friend or loved one to get out of your own head. Focus on their part of the conversation and listen to what they have to say. You can learn how to stop being high and strengthen your relationship at the same time.

8. Find A Distraction

Many tricks for how to get unhigh are tips for distracting yourself. Take your mind off how high you feel and focus on something else, like your favourite movie, TV shows, or songs. Any enjoyable activity will work! Finding something calm, soothing, and familiar is a great tool for sobering up from weed.

9. Add Some CBD

If you need to know how to get rid of red eyes, try adding some CBD. Cannabidiol can reduce many effects of taking too much THC, such as paranoia. Find the finest CBD you can access to create balance with your next pot experience.

10. Learn From Your Experience

Once youre feeling back to normal, dont forget to look back at your experience. It’s essential to be WeedSmart when taking cannabis. Figure out how you got so high that you had to research how to sober up from weed. After all, you dont need to know how to sober up fast if you dont go overboard in the first place. Consider your consumption limits, the type of product you used, and other factors so you can be more prepared the next time around.


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