Learn About the Different Grades of Weed Quality

Learn About the Different Grades of Weed Quality

The first step to procuring quality marijuana is to buy from a trustworthy shop. The quality of your weed will determine the taste, aroma, and high you experience. Below we outline the different levels of quality available on the cannabis Ontario, BC, and general Canadian market. Good quality cannabis is not just grown, it’s crafted, and a certain level of science is required to produce that quality


Learn About the Different Grades of Weed Quality

Top Shelf Weed

Top shelf weed is the best out there. These buds are the cream of the crop and are every connoisseur’s dream.  Also known as AAAA weed, quad weed, or simply quads, this weed is grown with intense care, time, and effort. 

However, even if the buds are high-quality on the plant, they will never make the top shelf tier if they are not harvested, cured, and stored correctly. 

Learn About the Different Grades of Weed Quality

Triple-A Weed (AAA Weed)

Right under the top shelf buds, you have Triple-A Weed or AAA weed. This weed is almost as potent and high quality as AAAA weed, but maybe one or two minor deviations in the growth pattern or harvesting process caused the weed to lose quality. However, these buds are still considered of excellent quality and are a bit cheaper than AAAA buds.

Budget Buds (AA Weed)

Next, we have budget buds (aka AA weed). It is still decent quality, and this weed will still get you plenty high. Budget buds are a great option if you are on a limited budget but still want to get high, like smoking top shelf.  AA cannabis often provides the best value for your money.

Cheap Weed

That is the poorest quality marijuana you should ever see in a weed dispensary. Cheap weed is still decent enough to smoke, but something is usually pretty off about it to make it affordable. Cheap weed might not have been cured so that it may have a harsher taste, or it may have malformed buds, but it is still perfectly safe to smoke. 

Alternatively, cheap weed can also refer to cannabis that is low in price offered at amazing deals.  


Shake or Trim

Many knowledgeable people believe shake or trim is poor quality marijuana. However, the quality of the shake is determined by the quality of the cannabis it originated. Trim is the bits and pieces such as leaves, pieces of buds, or crystals that have fallen off the plant. So if your trim came from a top-shelf bud variety, then it likewise will be of the best quality.


In Conclusion

Especially now, since cannabis is legal in Canada, It’s essential to know the different qualities of cannabis. Hence, you know what you are getting when you buy weed online in Vancouver. You can try each grade at most cannabis dispensaries and can even get your order the same day from businesses such as Weed Delivery Vancouver. So order now and get your package in 2-3 hours and enjoy some of the best cannabis in Vancouver. Get 20% off your first order, complimentary gifts, rewards points and more!

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