What Are The Different Ways To Use Weed?

One fantastic thing about cannabis is that there are many different ways to enjoy this versatile plant. How do I use marijuana? What are the different ways to take weed? If you’ve ever asked these questions, your search is over. You have endless options to explore! From traditional methods to cutting-edge innovations, discover how to use weed in many different ways.

How To Use Weed By Inhaling

Smoking, vaping, or otherwise inhaling is one of the best ways to take cannabis. When you smoke weed, you’re sending the active ingredients to your circulatory system. Your lungs absorb THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, then pass these compounds into your bloodstream. From there, the chemicals can pass into your brain and the rest of your body. So whether you’re just learning how to use cannabis or are a long-time fan, inhaling is always a great option.

How To Smoke Weed

When you’re smoking, what are the different ways to take weed? Smoking cannabis flowers includes several different methods of how to use weed. Joints, blunts, and other types of marijuana cigarettes are popular ways of how to use cannabis. These strategies are similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. Smoking a pipe is another of the ways to take cannabis that mirrors using tobacco. 

How do I use marijuana? If you’re interested in smoking up, you can also try using a bong. Just get your hands on some dried marijuana flowers from Weed Delivery Vancouver and see which smoking method is your favourite.

How To Vape Marijuana

Vaping offers a more modern approach to inhaling cannabis. If you like the fast reaction time of smoking bud but find the traditional options messy or time-consuming, a vape pen might be right for you. Vapes are electronic tools that transform liquid cannabis juice into a tasty, breathable vapour. 

Weed Delivery Vancouver offers disposable pens that are a great way to see if vaping is for you. Once your disposable pen runs empty, check out WDV’s amazing rechargeable vapes!

Edibles: How To Use Cannabis By Eating It

Smoking and vaping are popular options, but they aren’t your only choices. So what are the different ways to take weed other than smoking? Welcome to the wide world of weed edibles. Edibles include any food or drink enhanced with cannabis extracts. From delicious desserts and teas to more clinical tinctures and capsules, you can explore a wide variety of ingestible cannabis. Edibles take a long time to kick in, but the effects can also outlast other methods. Learn how to use weed by eating it with edibles.

Cannabis Edibles

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love cannabis edibles such as those found at dispensaries such as Get Kush. These treats usually take the form of tasty candies and desserts. Look for special brownies, THC gummies, cookies, chocolates, and more.

Weed Teas

What’s better than a soothing cup of tea when you’re stressed or the weather is cold and gloomy? A cup of tea that gets you high! Explore cannabis tea and discover a relaxing way to start a good cannabis session.

THC Capsules

THC capsules are supplement-style pills loaded with potent THC concentrates. Capsules offer a more clinical, streamlined experience than sweet edibles. They’re also a viable option if you want to learn how to use cannabis on the go.


Cannabis oil is another type of concentrate. Instead of coming pre-dosed like in capsules, oils are usually available in small bottles. Use an eyedropper to take a dose of potent THC by mouth. You can also try DIY edibles by adding THC oil drops to your favourite food or drink.

Concentrates: More Powerful Ways To Take Cannabis

Power users can build up a cannabis tolerance over time. So if smoking weed doesn’t hit the spot the way it used to, you might be ready to move to cannabis concentrates instead. Top-quality dispensaries like Weed Delivery Vancouver sell potent products like hash, shatter, THC oil, budder, wax, HTFSE, diamonds, live resin, terp sauce, and more. 

How do I use marijuana concentrates? There are lots of options. You can add concentrates to a joint or bowl for a more intense experience or enjoy it by itself with a dab rig. Some premium vape pens even get hot enough to vaporize concentrates. The customer service team at Weed Delivery Vancouver can help you find the best method to enjoy any marijuana concentrate.

Exploring The Different Ways To Take Weed

Cannabis is a versatile plant you can use in many different ways. Experimenting with a range of methods is one of the best parts of being a weed lover. If you’re looking for something new, check out the massive selection at Weed Delivery Vancouver. You’ll find endless strains, blends, products, brand names, and more at their secure site. See why WDV is rated as #1 among Vancouver cannabis dispensaries. It’s a great place to start exploring!

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