How Long After Use Will THC Remain Detectable?

How Long After Use Will THC Remain Detectable

We have already discussed the variety of effects cannabis can have on users. However, it is essential to remember that just because you are no longer high, that doesn’t mean you may not still have THC lingering in your body. How Long After Use Will THC Remain Detectable? It varies from hours to months depending on six variables, which we will cover in-depth below.

1. How Often You Smoke Weed

The frequency of use is one of the biggest influencers on how long THC remains in the body. For example, a first-timer may retain THC traces for approximately three days, whereas a daily toker may have THC in their body for about a month after stopping use. For moderate recreational users (3-4 times a week service, for example), THC may remain in the system for about a week. 

2. Potency of Your Stash

How potent the pot is or how high the THC concentration is the second most significant factor in how long THC remains detectable via standard drug testing methods. The more THC, the longer your body needs to metabolize it. 

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3. The Amount You Used

While potency is an important role player, the amount of cannabis you take is also crucial. If you only had a few hits, you will not have much THC in your system. However, the more you use, the longer you will need to shed the THC from your system.

4 . Method of Consumption

How you use cannabis comes into play too. Weed edibles require the body to digest the product before accessing the THC and metabolizing it. Therefore the THC can remain in your body for a more extended period. Smoking a joint or vaping gets the THC into your system quickly, but likewise, it will leave your system faster. 

How Long After Use Will THC Remain Detectable

5. Your Body Chemistry

Cannabis, like all drugs, affects everyone differently. Your makeup will determine how you react to cannabis and how it affects you. THC also binds to fats in the body, so the user’s fat percentage will affect how quickly the THC is metabolized.  Despite the specific size, sometimes people naturally have different tolerance levels, affecting how fast THC leaves your system.

How Long After Use Will THC Remain Detectable

6. Type of Test

As outlined below, the different types of drug tests have other ways to detect. You may be able to pass a urine test, for example, but a hair test might still turn up positive. 

  • Urine Tests detect THC within a range of 3 to 30 days.
  • Saliva Tests detect THC within 1 to 3 days after your last use.  
  • Blood Tests are not very effective as THC leaves the system within 3 to 4 hours after use. 
  • Hair Tests are the most effective with the most extended range. They can detect THC for up to 90 days.

Is There A Trick To Shedding THC Faster? 

No, the rate it leaves depends on the six variables we outlined. Nothing you do will get rid of THC unnaturally. There are no proven, safe ways to speed the process up. Your best bet is to drink lots of water and be patient. 

Some Final Words

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