Different Types of Hash

Different Types of Hash

Hashish, more commonly known as hash, is an aromatic, THC-laden marijuana concentrate made from the dried trichomes of the cannabis plant. It is highly concentrated and has more potent effects and benefits than dried cannabis flowers. Hash is created by applying pressure and high temps to the trichomes to make cakes or paste-like balls.  If you have any experience with hashish, you should know there are different types of hash. Let’s take a look at the various types of hash and their production processes. 

Different Types of Hash

Kief Or Dry Sift Hash

Dried marijuana leaves are sifted over a screen so that the trichomes break off and fall through the openings in the net. The trichomes that fall off are known as kief. 

The cannabis plant is usually frozen before sifting, making the process easier. Once separated from the plant, the kief (or trichomes) are compacted into hashish with machinery or by hand. Hand methods take much longer as it requires skill and care. 

Afghanistan, Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey, and Pakistan produce a lot of dry sift hash. Dry sift will vary in colour depending on where it was created and how it was made. 

Different Types of Hash

Finger Hash

One of the oldest ways of making hash, finger hash, or hand-rubbed hash is by rubbing dry buds in your hands. The resin produced from hand rubbing is then shaped into reddish-brown patties or bricks. Finger hash bricks often have bits of green mixed in with their reddish-brown hue due to plant particles mashed into the hash. 

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash or ice water hash is very much in demand. Typically the colour of honey has a high THC concentration. However, pot farmers accidentally discovered bubble hash with water extraction methods. The cannabis plant is first frozen to preserve its freshness, then mixed with ice-cold water before passing through filters known as bubble bags. It is filtered various times until a sticky paste is pressed into the final product. 

Master Sift Hash

Invented by John Galland, the master sifter machine made a new method of hash production possible. This faster and more reliable production method is appropriately named master sift hash. Master sift is a shiny yellowish gold colour. 

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In Conclusion

Hash is one of the oldest and most accessible cannabis concentrates you can find. This means that you will be able to find a massive selection of options of top-grade hash, and you can enjoy affordable prices and excellent hash deals. Find great hash deals from sources like BC Weed Delivery.

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