Weed Edible Dosage Chart: Taking Cannabis Edibles

Weed Edible Dosage Chart

Cannabis edibles affect the body differently than when smoking buds. Therefore, it is critical to get the dosage correct to avoid any adverse side effects

Dosing marijuana edibles can be slightly tricky because determining the proper dosage can be complicated. Many factors such as body weight, tolerance level, and metabolic rate judge if a user will have adverse side effects. Getting the dosage right for every user that might consume edible is almost impossible. 

For example, a 200-pound person will need a large dose to get high, compared to a 120-pound person. However, there are some basic principles you can follow to get the dosage as accurate as possible. 

It is easiest to base the dosage on who will be consuming the edible. So follow the chart below to determine your doses. 


Weed Edible Dosage Chart

Weed Edible Dosage Chart

For Who Dosage (mg) Effect Range
Newcomer or microdosers THC (1 – 2.5 mg) Very Light Level- Mild Effects
Light Users THC (2.5 – 7.5 mg) Light Level – Mild Effects
Novice Users THC (7.5 -15 mg) Moderate Level – Moderate Effects
Intermediate Users THC (15 – 30 mg) Medium Level – Medium Effects
Heavy Users THC (30 – 50 mg) High Level – Intense Effects
Daily Heavy Users THC (50 – 100 mg) Very High Level – More Intense Effects
Stoners  THC (Over 100 mg) The Top Level – You’re high AF


Remember that your body weight and metabolism play a part in how hard the effects will hit you. Therefore, we recommend starting slow and working your way up to higher dosages. That will limit the risk you encounter any adverse side effects. 

*Important Note: remember to give yourself an hour for the effects to kick in before taking more doses.*

Weed Edible Dosage Chart

What’s the shelf-life of a THC Edible?

Unfortunately, weed edibles have a very short shelf-life since they are perishable food items. It’s the biggest downside to using them when compared to other methods of cannabis consumption. 

The shelf-life of an edible is the same as the food the THC is infused into, and the time frame for food staying fresh is wide-ranging, and that’s why you need to store pot edibles as soon as you are no longer eating them. 

The best place to store your edibles is in the fridge or freezer, and just as you would with a regular food item, make sure you store them in a freeze-safe bag. That should extend the shelf-life drastically. Additionally, science says sunlight will break down THC, so avoid keeping any edible in direct sunlight.


In Conclusion on Dosing THC Weed Edibles

The most important thing to consider when taking weed edibles is your specific situation and tolerance levels. Cannabis edibles will affect people differently because of the factors mentioned in this article. Also, the quality of the marijuana edibles will play a large role in the potency and effectiveness.  So it is essential to buy THC weed edibles online in Canada from a trusted dispensary such as Weed Delivery Vancouver. See what others are saying and find us featured on independent cannabis platforms such as BC Weed Delivery



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