Cannabis Measurements To Know: Grams, Eighths, Quarters, Ounces, and Pounds of Weed

Cannabis Measurements To Know

Have you ever heard someone talking about a gram of weed, an eighth, a quarter, an ounce, or a pound but got confused about how much they are referring to? Then continue reading on and learn all about the typical measurements of cannabis you are likely to know.

You will need to know the standard measurements of cannabis to navigate the world of marijuana in  Canada and ensure you get a fair price when you buy weed from a cannabis dispensary or weed dealer.

First up, we should go over each of the cannabis measurements and roughly how much it will look like. 

Common Weed Measurements and Amounts

Cannabis Measurements To Know

A Gram of Weed

A gram of cannabis is approximately the size of a small nugget and typically enough for 2 or 3 joints. A gram of weed is the most common denomination to know as a cannabis user.

An Eighth of an Ounce – 3.5 grams

An eighth typically refers to ⅛ of an ounce of weed equal to  3.5 grams. So when you buy an eighth of weed, you can start to see discounts on the price per gram.


Cannabis Measurements To Know

A Quarter Ounce – 7 grams

A quarter ounce of cannabis is equal to 7 grams of weed. You will often find a slightly more significant discount.

A Half Ounce – 14 grams

A half an ounce of weed equals 14 grams, and you can generally find decent deals.


Cannabis Measurements To Know

An Ounce – 28 grams

Ounces are another very common amount of weed. It is equal to 28 grams, and the savings here can push the price per gram down to very reasonable levels.

¼ Pound – 112 grams or 4 ounces

A quarter-pound is 112 grams, and additional discounts can be realized.

½ Pound – 224 grams or 8 ounces

If you buy half a pound (equal to 224 grams), you can expect to be paying a low price per gram.

1 Pound – 448 grams or 16 ounces

People who buy a pound of weed can find significant savings and discounts.  Prices per gram can drop to very low levels. It is generally a good idea to Buy Bulk Weed if possible.


Things that Affect The Weight of Weed

Before we finish, we should point out that factors can affect the weight of marijuana flowers. For example, the moisture level and density of the buds will have an effect.

The Moisture of the Buds

Buds that contain more water and moisture can be much heavier than drier buds. That is especially true when dealing with freshly cut buds instead of if those buds have been dried properly. 

The Density of the Buds

Also, some buds are denser than those from other strains. In general, the denser and more compact a bud is, the heavier they are when weighed. And the more fluffy and airy a bud is, the lighter they generally weigh. 

In Conclusion on Weed Measurements

Now that we know how much a gram, eighth, quarter, ounce, and a pound of weed is, you should be able to know if you are getting short-changed or not.  The best way to find out if you are getting less weed than you paid for is by actually weighing it, but this is not always an option. So now you should be able to quickly look at and examine your bag of weed and see if it feels or looks a bit light.

If you want to be sure you are getting the amount you pay for, you can buy weed from a trusted source like Weed Delivery Vancouver. They deliver throughout the Lower Mainland of BC and are known as a reliable and solid source of cannabis.

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