How To Smoke Weed?

How To Smoke Weed

Updated on July 4, 2021, By the Weed Delivery Vancouver Team

If you are a newcomer to the weed world in Canada you may think joints are the only way to light up. However, you have a variety of choices to choose from. There are many innovative and unique ways to smoke cannabis and some of the most common will follow. We’ll outline for you the most popular methods of how to smoke weed so you can find the best suited for your taste. 


  • Marijuana Joints

A joint is a bud broken off and rolled to smoke like one would an old-fashioned cigarette. Joint rolling may seem intimidating if you have never tried it, but it’s pretty simple. 


  • First, get your bud and a package of some rolling papers.
  • Next, use your fingers to break up the weed.
  • Third,  deposit a small amount of weed onto the sticky side of the paper.
  • Use your index fingers to secure the ends of the paper, and then take your thumb and tap down the weed until it is compacted enough to be rolled up.
  • Still using your thumb, begin to roll the side closest to you while keeping it tight. 
  • Then, double-check that the tip of the paper is secured on the underside of the joint.
  • Finish rolling up your joint, then lick the paper to adhere to it and close it well. 
  • Last, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

There are also plenty of instructional videos online if you need to see them done to learn. You may also consider buying pre-rolled joints if you feel the source to be trusted and safe. 

  • Blunts

Like a bigger version of joints, blunts are rolled with cigar paper instead of rolling paper. When you smoke a blunt, you typically absorb nicotine via the cigar paper crafted from tobacco plants’ leaves.  You can buy pre-rolled blunts from online dispensaries in Canada.



  • First, get your weed and some cigar paper or blunt wraps. 
  • Next, use your fingers to break up the weed.
  • Third, put a small amount of the weed you broke up into the wrap.
  • Fourth, hold the wrap underneath with your index fingers extended. Use your thumb to tap the bud down, so none spills out. 
  • Then, use your thumb to begin rolling the wrap-up.
  • Ensure the tip of the wrap is secured into the other edge.
  • Then, finish rolling your blunt and use your tongue to wet the paper so it sticks and closes securely.
  • Last, light up and enjoy!

  • Bongs

Consider investing in a bong if you aren’t into rolling blunts or joints and usually smoke at home. Bongs have a bowl where marijuana is placed, a chamber where the smoke billows and a tube for smoke pass through before it reaches your lips. You will find a wide variety of bongs, many of which are water bongs that counteract the dry heat of the smoke and give you a smoother experience. Regularly cleaning your bong is vital to prevent bacteria from collecting in the chamber and keep your cannabis tasting fresh. Look online for guidance on bong maintenance and cleaning.

  • Weed Pipes

Weed pipes are akin to bongs in how they work, but they are smaller and easier to travel with. Pipes, particularly water pipes, need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent build-up. 

  • Weed Vaporizer

If you are concerned about inhaling smoke, you might want to purchase a weed vaporizer. Vaporizers heat the mariuana and create a vapour which is then inhaled. It is similar to smoking but thought to be safer than smoking as smoke can irritate airways.

Dry herb vaporizers and battery-operated vape pens are the primary vaporizers you will find. Vape pens have recently skyrocketed in use within the weed Canada community. Shatter, THC distillate or vape juice are usually used in vape pens. Vape pens are also very discreet as they produce a slight odour. Vaporizers are less maintenance than pipes or bongs, and learning to use them is relatively straightforward. 

  • Hot-Knifing

Hot-knifing is done when a user heats two butter knives, presses the buds between the knives, and turns them into a vapour to inhale. The basic principle is the same if you use any two pieces of metal to heat the buds. 


Final Words

So now we know some of the most common ways to smoke weed, how many have you tried and which one do you enjoy best? Join the Weed Delivery Vancouver community and share your experiences with our members. We’d love to hear what you have to say!


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