What are Weed Edibles? THC Cannabis Edibles are Taking Toronto by Storm

What are Weed Edibles

Updated on July 4, 2021, By the Weed Delivery Vancouver Team


So what are THC weed edibles? Cannabis, weed, or marijuana edibles are tasty treats that people eat as a safe alternative smoking method. While anyone can make edibles, their taste and quality are entirely dependent upon who makes them. That’s why your best choice is to buy from a highly trusted cannabis store for high-quality and best-tasting weed edibles. When properly utilized, THC edibles can offer incredible therapeutic and health benefits

You can decide to make them yourself, and should you reference this guide to learn all you need to know about creating quality marijuana edibles. You can make so many different edibles, so get your taste buds ready, and get out your best cannabis and your favourite kitchen knife. 

We’ll start by detailing the history and the different weed edibles and their effects, benefits, side effects, and medical uses. Additionally, we will go over some essential recipes, average portion sizes, and the lasting effects. 

If you are not inclined in the kitchen, there are also several cannabis dispensaries to find the edibles you are seeking!


Brief History of Weed Edibles

Let us take a brief look at the history to understand better what are THC cannabis edibles. The exact moment man first decided to explore marijuana plants is not known. Early man could’ve simply found the plant and ingested it thinking it was food. However, this primitive man didn’t know how to unlock THC’s full potential properly. You need to heat the marijuana buds to activate the THC. 

Most ethnobotanists claim that marijuana is a plant early humans explored. Some studies show the first document case of cannabis edibles in ancient India. It was called Mahjoun and was a mixture of spices, sweeteners, and hash. Some historians see patterns between the creation of music, art, and even religion and the use of cannabis. 

Other evidence shows that ancient cannabis use was in Uzbekistan, Cambodia, and Poland. However, it wasn’t until the 1800s that cannabis use was in Canada, America, and Europe. Many aspiring artists used the drug as an inspirational spark.

What are Weed Edibles 2

Canadian Culture and Cannabis Edibles 

Canadian culture underwent a weed revolution since legalization. As a result, Canadians have become more open to the use of edibles and the potential benefits they provide. As a result, more and more Canadians are consuming them daily. 

Of course, with the new high demand for edibles, their supply has also drastically spiked. Customers now have thousands of products to select from and from even more dispensaries from around the country. Modern technology has also helped increase demand, as consumers can now buy weed sitting on their couches at home. 

Luckily some communities can help new buyers navigate all the products and different dispensaries. One example is the weed edibles Canada community. You can see what all the experienced edible consumers are dying to try. 


The Chemistry Behind What a THC Edible is 

Now that we know how long people have been using the right spice in their cooking let’s talk about what is happening when making cannabis edibles. A better understanding will help us learn what weed edibles drugs are all about.



Of the 480 naturally occurring compounds in marijuana, only 66 of them are classified as cannabinoids. The most well-known of these is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. But what is THC? 


THC is the Key 

THC is what makes and edible what they are known for. This cannabinoid is more responsible for the intoxicating effects of smoking marijuana. It is a lipid-soluble compound that binds to body fat and the brain’s receptors, and this is where the fun starts. Once attached, this compound produces euphoric sensations. 

Weed edibles introduce an entirely different process for consuming THC. Eating the compound interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system differently than smoking. Your body metabolizes the THC, which is significantly slower and more drawn out. As a result, the THC is broken down slower, which produces a longer duration of euphoric sensations. In some cases, it can take hours after eating weed edibles to feel the effects. 

The other significant difference is that edibles produce stronger sensations. This is because your body breaks down THC into metabolites, called 11-OH-THC. These metabolites cross the blood-brain barrier sometimes four times faster than just THC, so you are getting a double effect when consuming an edible. The high from the THC and the high from the metabolite. 

Now that we know what THC weed edibles are, remember that eating cannabis edibles produce stronger sensations and last longer. So they should be taken considering this, so slowly and steadily. 

What are Weed Edibles 3

Now We Know What Cannabis Edibles Are, Where Can You Buy Some?

If you live in BC, you are in luck! You can get same-day cannabis edibles brought to you at Weed Delivery Vancouver. Find your favourite brand-name marijuana edibles in Vancouver at the most affordable prices in Canada. In addition, our menu features delicious weed gummies, chocolates, cookies, syrups, capsules, and more!

For other locations outside of BC, you can find reliable dispensaries on-site such as Weed Maps and Cannabis Ontario



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