How to Take Shrooms – Dosing Magic Mushrooms

How to Take Shrooms - Dosing Magic Mushrooms

There are plenty of methods for consuming shrooms. The first step to any of them should always be thoroughly washing them. After that, you can eat dried shrooms or add them to your favourite meal like pasta or rice. Or you can infuse them with your favourite desserts. Finally, you can make them with caramels, chocolates, gummies, or other candies. You need to make sure the oven does not exceed 190 degrees, or this will break down the psilocybin.

In addition to eating your shrooms, you can also drink them. You can brew them into teas or other brews. You can make the tea by running hot water over chunks of the psychedelic shroom of your choice. The hot water will grab the chemical compounds responsible for the high, and the mushroom chunks will remain in the filter through filter extraction. Then just add the tea of your choice to the hot water!

Another method of making shroom tea involves lemon justice. The juice is an excellent extractor and will exact almost all of the psilocybin. Let your shrooms soak in the lemon juice for about 20 minutes, then remove the mushrooms, heat the mixture, and strap in for a great trip.

Dosing Mushrooms

Suppose you are starting to consider dosage; you should take a fun but responsible amount. Before getting into the doses, make sure you also have a trip-sitter so you can share the experience and keep each other safe. 

When configuring doses, the critical factor is your tolerance. An experienced consumer will take higher doses than a beginner, so consider this when calculating your dose. Here are some simple dose calculations: 

  • Light dosage (.25 – 1 gram)

Use a quarter gram of dried magic mushroom, otherwise known as a threshold dose. This dosage is like the training wheels of magic mushrooms. It should produce effects a newcomer would notice but not drastically intense. 

  • Medium dosage (1 – 2.5 grams)

Use this dosage to produce an intermediate effect. This dosage comes with physical side effects like nausea and pupil dilation but also more intense sensory effects

  • Strong dosage (2.5 – 5 grams)

This dosage is not for the faint of heart! Use this only for experienced trippers. Starting a beginner at this dosage will give them a wicked trip with a bad ending. You should expect physical side effects at this level. You will experience nausea, and your pupils will dilate. 

Reference the full chart below:

Shroom Products You Can Buy

Dried Shrooms – These products are popular forms of magic mushrooms available at most mushroom dispensaries. 


Shroom Chocolate – These chocolates undergo tempering that pulls the psychedelic compounds in shrooms and puts them into chocolate. These are another popular form of consumption and are available at most dispensaries. 


Shroom Tea – We’ve discussed this one already, but this is essential for regular mushroom users. It takes away the bitter taste, and you can even get creative by adding citrus, orange, or lemon flavours. 


Shroom Gummies – These are gummies that contain the pure extracted psilocybin from shrooms. These are cute, delicious, and potent psychedelic edibles. 


Shroom Capsules – These are the more medical application of shrooms. These are gelatin capsules that contain psychedelic compounds in medication form. 


Find Your Favorite Dispensary

You must buy your shrooms and magic mushrooms from a credible dispensary to avoid the poisonous types found on the black market. Also, finding the right dispensary should mean finding the one with the shroom product types you enjoy most. Whether you are a beginner looking to experiment or a regular consumer, finding a government-approved dispensary is your best option for a safe and fun trip. 

At Weed Delivery Vancouver, you will find a massive selection of only the best shroom strains from top mushroom growers in BC. You will also find a wide variety of the most sought-after magic mushroom brands in Canada.


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