How To Dab Shatter

Shatter is a powerful cannabis concentrate with a unique texture and potent effects. Shatter gives you a long-lasting high without any wasted material, thanks to its extracted THC. However, figuring out how to smoke shatter has a bit of a learning curve. Most cannabis fans agree that learning how to use a dab rig is best to use shatter. So what is a dab rig? You’ve come to the right place if you’re asking that question. Learn how to dab shatter with a rig and experience the best way to use shatter!

What Is A Dab Rig?

What is a dab rig, anyway? Before you learn how to use a dab rig, you need to know what a rig is. Dab rigs or oil rigs are specialized glass pipes designed for dabbing shatter and other concentrates. You can think of a rig as a variation of a bong. The main difference is that a dab contains extra features known as a nail and a dome.


When you learn how to use a dab rig, you’ll heat the nail with a blowtorch. This step makes learning how to dab sound complicated, but it’s not as big a deal as it sounds. The dome captures vaporized shatter so it doesn’t escape into the air around you. 



How To Dab THC

The best way to learn how to dab THC is through hands-on practice. If you have a friend who dabs, ask them to show you the ropes the next time they get high. Dabbing shatter can sound complex, but it’s not so complicated once you have a little practice under your belt.


You’ll need the following materials:

  • Dab rig with dome
  • Shatter
  • Dabber
  • Butane hand torch


First, start by sourcing your favourite shatter. We always turn to Weed Delivery Vancouver because they carry the best, most potent concentrates around. You’re ready to go if you already have some shatter on hand.


The next step in how to smoke shatter is heating the nail. Carefully use the torch to heat the nail. Butane is best for your rig because it creates effective flames that don’t get so hot they damage the glass.


Once your nail is hot, break off a piece of shatter. Use the dabber to place the shatter into the nail, being careful not to touch the hot glass with your bare skin. The nail should be hot enough to vaporize the shatter immediately. Place the dome on top of the nail to keep the precious vapour from drifting away.


After this step, learning how to dab shatter is similar to using a bong or water pipe. Inhale through the mouthpiece, hold the vapour in your lungs, and then exhale. You should feel the effects in no time.


Find Out More About How To Dab Shatter

There are a few steps to dabbing shatter, but they shouldn’t hold you back from experiencing this fantastic cannabis method. Check out WeedDeliveryVancouver to find excellent shatter, great prices, comprehensive customer service, and guaranteed shipping. is the best place to buy shatter when you’re ready to dab. Alternatively, you can buy shatter online in Canada from many online marijuana dispensaries.




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