How Long Do THC Weed Edibles Last?

How Long Do THC Weed Edibles Last

Even long after the effects of your weed edible have worn off, the THC is still in your body. Cannabis edibles prove to provide long-lasting effects and THC that remains in your body longer. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer on how long THC will stay in your body after eating an edible because of too many different factors. It could be detectable in your body for a couple of days or four months. 

Here are the variables that’ll determine how long THC remains detectable in your body.

Frequency of Use

How frequently you consume marijuana will play a factor in how long it is detectable in your body. For example, a first-time weed user can expect their body to be THC-free after about three days, but a heavy daily user will have THC detectable in their body for as long as a month. 

Amount of THC

The key here is that potency is not necessarily the point. It is the numerical amount of THC you consumed. The more you use, the longer the THC will stay detectable in your system

Body Chemistry

THC hits differently for everyone. Everyone will react to the substance in their way. Weight and metabolic rate play a vital role in the breakdown of THC, so people with more significant body fat percentage or lower metabolism will have THC detectable in their systems for a longer time. 


Did you make your weed edibles with high-grade THC? If so, it’s going to take your body longer to break it down, and it will stay in your system longer. Remember, the higher the THC level, the greater the high, but the longer it will remain in your system. 


Different Drug Tests

Whether THC will appear on a drug test largely depends on the type administered. 

  • Urine Tests will only detect THC anywhere from 3 – 30 days
  • Salvia Tests can trace THC from 1 – 3 since last use. 
  • Blood Tests are somewhat inaccurate for detecting THC because the compound leaves your blood quickly. However, sometimes it can detect THC from 1 – 2 since last use. 
  • Hair Follicle Tests are the most accurate. They can detect THC up to 90 days after last use. 

There is no shortcut to getting THC out of your body. There isn’t a way to metabolize THC faster. So the only honest answer is to lower the concentration of THC in your body for it to not be detectable in your system.

If you plan on consuming edibles and are concerned that THC is detectable in your body, reference a dosage chart again to judge THC concentration’s safest level. 

In Conclusion on How Long Edibles Last

It is important to note that cannabis edibles affect everyone differently depending on many factors. For example, frequency of use, amount of THC, body chemistry, and potency of the edible all play a role in how long your high will last. 

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