What Exactly Are Magic Mushrooms?

What Exactly Are Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms (aka shrooms) are commonly used for their psychedelics or psilocybin effects. Throughout this guide, we are discussing using them safely and but still a fun trip. Shrooms are widely popular among many different countries as recreational drugs. They are especially popular among youth because shrooms are relatively easy to get a hold of, and their effects are unique compared to other recreational substances. 

Since there are over 200 kinds of mushrooms on the market, you must understand the differences.  Some shrooms produce the common psychedelic effects of psilocybin, and others with amanitin have harmful effects. Amanitin is particularly dangerous because it is poisonous, and if you ingest it enough, it can be deadly.

This guide discusses the various strains of shrooms available and how to safely and properly use them. When used correctly and with the proper dosage, you can enjoy an incredible high with relatively few side effects.

What are Shrooms?

Much of what you have heard about shrooms may also carry a negative connotation. Shrooms or exactly magic mushrooms often are viewed differently than other recreational drugs. They are not that different from other substances as long as they are used properly and safely.

The compound that gives them their potency is called psilocybin. This compound alters your mind for up to six hours, and the effects include both negative and positive intense feelings and a mystic feeling. You can expect to be in a dream-like state for quite a while throughout your trip.

While they carry a negative connotation, the truth is they are one of the safer hallucinogens. Shrooms have low toxicity and have no record of any organ or neurological damage. Be aware that magic mushrooms are illegal in most countries, and this guide is by no means condoning the use of illicit drugs. However, if you consume them, we want you to have the correct information to keep you safe and fully understand the potential effects.

Brief History of Psychedelic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms and shrooms have a historical use. Many cultures and early civilizations believed these were avenues to speak and commune with their respective gods. They were used by Africa Tribes, Mayans and Aztecs, and even Vikings. In each culture, the shrooms performed a similar function; they induced a trance that creates visions and communications from the gods. 

Shrooms didn’t become popular in the United States or western part of the world until the 1950s. Many researchers and scientists became interested in the effects of mushrooms and started studying them. Also, the well-known hallucinogen LSD is derived from the compound in mushrooms, psilocybin. During this time, many people took small doses of shrooms to boost their mood and promote creativity.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that the psychedelic compound in shrooms was banned. Authorities and the government wanted to explore the potential medical benefits and side effects before letting the public become too comfortable with it. Even today, the drug is still illegal in most countries, although its medical benefits are gaining consumption method traction. The Food and Drug Administration in 2018 permitted researchers to investigate shrooms as possible treatments for anxiety and depression. 

Shrooms and Canada

Shrooms started popping up in Canada around 1957. The chemical compound psilocybin was officially outlawed in 1974 by the Food and Drug Act. If you were caught in most parts of the country, you faced two convictions. However, despite its legal status, the hallucinogen still grew in popularity over the years.

The law prohibits dried or fresh psychedelic mushrooms but does not bar anyone from owning spores or the early stages. For example, it is legal for you to buy a growing kit. However, once those spores turn into a full-grown mushroom, it becomes illegal.

What is the Legal Status of Growing Shrooms at Home? 

A spore kit is pretty much all you need to start growing your magic mushrooms. The spores usually come in a water substrate, which by using a syringe, you can put onto some form of nutrients, which then the mixture of nutrients and spores become spawn. You are not currently violating any laws because the spores and spawn contain no traces of psilocybin. It becomes illegal once your spawn starts to turn into mycelium and starts to contain psilocybin.

There is a movement circulating in Canada fighting the 1971 Vienna Convention regulations on psychotropic substances. On the other hand, there is opposition to this movement in Canada that limits the purchase, use, or creation of shrooms. A common legal argument against the Vienna Convention regulations is that the compound found in shrooms, psilocybin, is not mentioned in the act. So, many argue it should not be regulated by it.

Magic Mushroom Dispensaries 

The decriminalization movement has gained considerable traction in recent years. More dispensaries started opening after some city officials dismissed a few cries from concerned citizens. They complained about dispensaries selling psychedelic mushrooms, which city officials ignored.  Now it is possible to buy magic mushrooms in Vancouver, Toronto, Ontario, BC, and Oakland. Since possession is being decriminalized, it is even possible to buy some magic mushrooms online for medical reasons.

What Exactly is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the chemical compound that makes a mushroom “magic.” The idea behind calling them magic may derive from the idea that the psychedelic substance was used by many cultures throughout history to commune with their respective gods. Or to achieve some kind of religious awakening.

Mushrooms with this chemical compound originate from Mexico’s tropics and sub-tropics, the United States, and Latin America. Their appearance is unique, and they are best described as mushrooms with light-coloured or white stems with dark ridge gills under the cap. The caps are generally dark brown on the sides with a hint of white or light brown at the center. They are commonly sold fresh or dried. People also use them as additives in brews.

The DEA labels them a schedule I substance due to their hallucinogenic properties. It is illegal in most countries and often discussed in its widespread use among youth populations worldwide. It is a common drug in the club, party, and college campus scenes. One apparent problem with magic mushrooms is doses are hard to determine because they vary on the type of mushroom and individual tolerance. It is hard to decide on the psilocybin concentration in one individual mushroom.

What You Can Expect from A Shrooms Trip. 

The first note about the effects of consuming shrooms is to expect the experience to last 4 to six hours after consuming them. The chemical compound in them affects your brain’s frontal cortex, where moods and perceptions are controlled. As the shrooms get to work, your perceptions may heighten along with your pleasure levels. Additionally, the opposite effect could take place, and these could be suppressed. You may start to feel detached or hear sounds and see colours more detailed in your surroundings by affecting your serotonin levels. These feelings are most associated with the out-of-body experience trip.

How are Shrooms Different Than Other Substances? 

Generally, magic mushrooms present such low levels of toxicity they pose a minor threat of severe harmful effects. Before you decide to start indulging in shrooms, you should know the differences between shrooms and other substances.

Shrooms Vs. Weed

The most significant difference between weed and shrooms is that weed does not have a poisonous strain that can potentially harm you if you ingest it. Other than that, the two and the effects are similar. Repeat users comment about different experiences, but generally, they remain constant. However, the feeling they deliver is different. Weed leaves the user with a calming effect, while shrooms grant a euphoric hallucinogenic high.

Shrooms vs. LSD

LSD is a product of distilling the psychedelic compound in mushrooms, and as such, is a more concentrated version. After ingesting LSD, you can expect to try for as long as 12 hours. LSD gives the user intense feelings of positivity while depending on the person, shrooms may produce a similar or opposite effect.

Shrooms vs. Acid

There is a difference between the effect of Acid and shrooms. Both are hallucinogens but produce different feelings in people. Acid makes it easier for people to interact and build strong connections. They can still function in realistic zones. However, shrooms give a more intense trip focusing on yourself and often make you lose touch or unable to communicate with others.

Shroom Products You Can Buy

Dried Shrooms – These products are popular forms of magic mushrooms available at most mushroom dispensaries. 

Shroom Chocolate – These chocolates undergo tempering that pulls the psychedelic compounds in shrooms and puts them into chocolate. These are another popular form of consumption and are available at most dispensaries. 

Shroom Drinks – We’ve discussed this one already, but this is essential for regular mushroom users. It takes away the bitter taste, and you can even get creative by adding citrus, orange, or lemon flavours. 

Shroom Gummies – These are gummies that contain the pure extracted psilocybin from shrooms. These are cute, delicious, and potent psychedelic edibles. 

Shroom Capsules – These are the more medical application of shrooms. These are gelatin capsules that contain psychedelic compounds in medication form. 

Find Your Favorite Dispensary

You must buy your shrooms and magic mushrooms from a credible dispensary, such as Weed Delivery Vancouver, to avoid the poisonous types found on the black market. Also, finding the right dispensary should mean finding the one with the shroom product types you enjoy most. Whether you are a beginner looking to experiment or a regular consumer, finding a government-approved dispensary is your best option for a safe and fun trip. 


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