The Most Common Cannabis Flower Alternatives You Can Find Online in Canada

The Most Common Cannabis Flower Alternatives You Can Find Online in Canada

With cannabis becoming increasingly popular over the years, many new cannabis products are hitting the market. As a result, you might have found the number of common cannabis flower alternatives online is a bit overwhelming at times. This extra confusion is especially true for newcomers.  

Let’s go over some of the most common cannabis flower alternatives you will find on the marijuana Canada market. The main product categories you will find are cannabis concentrates, weed vapes (covered earlier in this guide), CBD products, and edibles.

The Most Common Cannabis Flower Alternatives

Cannabis Concentrates

Weed concentrates are highly potent as the product is intensely concentrated through a process called decarboxylation. The marijuana is heated to a high degree for an extended period to convert THCA into THC. This can be a risky process, so no one at home should attempt it. Bud, shatter, hash, THC distillate, moon rocks, live resin, phoenix tears, cannabis or THC oil, terp sauce, and HTFSE are the most popular cannabis concentrates in the cannabis Canada community. 

The Most Common Cannabis Flower Alternatives

CBD Products

As we previously mentioned, CBD or cannabidiol is all about the therapeutic benefits without the high. There are various CBD products on the cannabis Canada market, such as CBD gummies, CBD isolate, CBD edibles, CBD creams, and even CBD products for canines. 

Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis edibles are THC-infused food products. The combination of tasty treats and marijuana is just too good to resist. THC Gummies, weed tea, cannabis chocolate, weed brownies, pot cookies and other baked goods are very popular with the marijuana Canada community. You can mix it with THC if it is edible, but some foods are more complimentary to weed than others. Also, marijuana edibles are metabolized at a different rate, so the optimal dosages will differ for edible consumption.

Weed Vapes

Weed vapes are those products you see people use as alternatives to smoking. Marijuana vapes are some of the most convenient to use cannabis products available. The primary components of a THC vape are the vape pen (or battery), vape cartridge (or atomizer), and vape juice. You can find cannabis vapes in THC, CBD, or a mixture of both with full-spectrum vape oils.  

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