The Difference Between Weed And Shrooms

The Difference Between Weed And Shrooms

Weed and shrooms are both very popular substances with recreational and medicinal benefits. The former is used by many people to treat pain and nausea symptoms, as well as to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. On the other hand, magic mushrooms are often used as a solution for cluster headaches and have been known to have positive effects on some psychological conditions and can relieve the symptoms of depression in some people.

Both drugs are naturally occurring and are considered to be generally safe for use. There are relatively low risks of addiction or severe side effects associated with either weed or shrooms. They also have some similarities in the sensations that they evoke since users tend to feel happy and have surreal experiences. However, despite sharing certain traits, marijuana and magic mushrooms are very different. Fortunately, we have you covered if you’re wondering how they compare. 


How Does Weed Make You Feel? 

Marijuana can induce numerous physical sensations as well as produce psychological effects. Often these are desirable because they can be positive and pleasant feelings, which makes weed a fairly popular substance. 

If you smoke marijuana or eat edibles that are infused with THC, you might find that you experience lightened spirits or mild bliss. General giddiness is typical, so you may become prone to laughter. Weed can also be an effective pain reliever and can cause nausea symptoms to subside. It also can help people relax and/or fall asleep. 

However, there can still be negative reactions or adverse side effects that result from inhaling or consuming THC. For instance, a marijuana high can make one feel tired, sluggish, or confused. You may struggle to remember things or function normally. You often may also have red eyes and develop the ‘munchies’, or a heightened state of hunger. 

Furthermore, many people also feel stressed out or panicked when they smoke weed or eat edibles. This risk of anxiety increases the higher that you get. Some people also get “the spins”, which can make them feel very dizzy and nauseous too. 

In general, these negative side effects are going to be short-lived. They tend to wear off as soon as the high fades. Marijuana’s effects can last as long as a full day (if you’ve taken edibles), but usually, it starts to go away after several hours. 

Weed is not considered to be a particularly dangerous drug. Most of the undesirable side effects are both minor and temporary. They can also often be avoided by starting with a smaller dosage. However, it is possible for marijuana to lead to more serious consequences, like Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome or psychosis. And although less likely than some other substances, people can become addicted to weed as well. 

How Does Weed Make You Feel? 

What Are The Effects Of Shrooms? 

Many people take shrooms for their hallucinogenic qualities. It’s possible to experience hallucinations after consuming psilocybin. However, even when taken in doses that are too small to produce visuals, magic mushrooms can create other sensations, like euphoria and joy.  Furthermore, there are additional side effects that can be negative on both the body and mind, too. 

When you take shrooms, it can dramatically affect the way that you perceive the world around you. People who take psychedelic mushrooms commonly feel that everything is slightly different from their sober state, from colours to sounds to their sense of time. Shrooms can make people feel more empathetic and connected to other humans and nature, as well, because feelings tend to be amplified in general. 

Magic mushrooms, unfortunately, can cause unpleasant physical effects, though they are not typically dangerous. People often become nauseous or have stomach pains. Shrooms can also lead to diarrhea, dizziness, or vomiting. Though these symptoms tend to be temporary and are not usually severe.

Shrooms can also have a dramatic effect on the psyche, particularly for people with preexisting mental health concerns, though anyone can be disturbed by the sensations that psilocybin evokes. It can trigger anxiety and depression and exacerbate poor moods too. 

Lastly, you want to buy hallucinogenic products from trusted sites. You want to purchase LSD products online and shrooms from websites with lots of reviews and references. 


How Do Weed and Shrooms Compare?

Overall, the experiences that can be had on shrooms and weed will differ substantially. Magic mushrooms are going to produce more profound hallucinatory effects, which will set the tone for the high that follows. However, many of the secondary feelings that the drugs create, as well as the unwanted side effects, can be quite similar. 

Both substances can make users feel happy and somewhat euphoric. On the other hand, they also tend to impair people’s thinking and reaction times. Anxiety, bad moods, and nausea can also be consequences of both marijuana and psilocybin. Neither drug is typically dangerous, but there are risks associated with both, all the same. 

How Do Weed and Shrooms Compare?

Are There Interactions Between Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms? 

If you’re worried about combining weed and shrooms and want to know if it’s unsafe to mix the two substances, the simple answer is that we don’t know. There have not been enough studies and research performed to answer this question, so it’s hard to say with certainty if it’s a dangerous combination. 

That being said, weed and shrooms are both considered to be relatively safe substances. There are no known interactions between the two, which may be a positive sign. However, there is always the potential for dangerous side effects when you combine any two drugs, so you should exercise caution if you decide to try both simultaneously. 


In Review

Both shrooms and weed can lead to very positive experiences for people. They are also both inclined to provide a boost in mood and can have some overlapping effects. That being said, magic mushrooms will produce hallucinations and will provide different sensations. Neither drug is none to be particularly dangerous, though there are some temporary side effects to be wary of. However, there is not conclusive evidence to determine whether they are safe to use together or not. 

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