Sex On Shrooms: Benefits and Disadvantages

Sex On Shrooms: Benefits and Disadvantages

Sex on psychedelics. How does that feel? If you have not had sex on shrooms, you’re probably curious to know what it’s like.

For beginners, sex on psychedelics tends to augment or amplify what is already there in regular sex. In addition, psychedelics give the user an intimate clarity of reality. Therefore, they are likely to change how you experience sex.

By now, you can probably guess what sex, an emotional and psychological act, feels like on shrooms. You will probably note the subtle differences in your partner’s facial expressions or sounds they make in a way that you wouldn’t when you’re not high on shrooms. What’s interesting is that you will also experience and react to these nuances differently.


What Are Shrooms?

Shrooms, sometimes called magic mushrooms or just mushrooms, contain psychedelic components. The active ingredients are psilocybin or psilocin.

Shrooms can be eaten fresh or dried and sometimes snorted in powder or capsule form. It is also popular to add them to your favourite edibles, including tea, chocolate, gummies, cookies, and juice.

Some mushrooms are poisonous. There is one that looks like a psilocybin mushroom, which, if eaten, could cause liver damage and, in some extreme circumstances, cause death.

Can You Have Sex on Shrooms?

Can You Have Sex on Shrooms?

Yes, you can have psychedelic sex. Mushrooms give you a heightened perception of what you experience. If it is music, you get to intimately connect with it on a level you otherwise wouldn’t.

How Do Shrooms Affect You?

Like cannabis, mushrooms affect people differently. It depends on the dose, your health, and your mental state. However, it has similar effects to other psychedelics like acid.

Microdosing magic mushroom capsules, which is taking minimal amounts of mushroom, will cause serotonin release. Therefore, you will likely experience euphoria and experience sounds and colours better. You might also have a smile that you can’t get rid of. 

Taking higher doses will cause you to hallucinate. You will see, hear, or taste things that aren’t there. This is because you can have distorted senses. Therefore, it is common to hear people say they can see sounds or hear colours.

What You Need to now

Consent before tripping is necessary. This ensures that you and your partner agree to sex on shrooms and that you are in a safe environment. Also, being with people you know and trust is a good idea because it is sometimes difficult to read body language when you trip.

Draw a line to it, and don’t go over it. This simply means that you only take what you can handle. If you are doing it for the first time, consider microdosing.

Timing is everything. Most users report that sex on mushrooms is ideal after you have hit the peak. Sex at the peak can be overwhelming, especially when you cannot talk or the shrooms are too much.


Benefits of Having Sex on Magic Mushrooms?

There are various advantages to having sex on shrooms. However, the primary benefit is that it gives you a different experience that could be introspective and enlightening.

These are some of the advantages:

  1. You will likely have a stronger bond with your partner after tripping on mushrooms. However, this is likely to work if you are in a long-term relationship and have a foundation to work on.
  2. Sex on psychedelics like shrooms or acid can take you on a journey. You might find yourself re-experiencing past traumas or experiences hidden in your subconscious. This powerful introspection tool could help you and your partner work on your vulnerabilities and build a stronger bond.
  3. You can use sex on shrooms to overcome sexual-related traumas. Psychedelics like acid and shrooms are used in therapy to help patients overcome their painful experiences and participate in consensual sex that they enjoy.
  4. Having sex on shrooms could give you a better understanding of sex. Psychedelics get you to question everything, and if you’re curious about sex, you can perceive sex better.
  5. Evidence indicates that magic shrooms could be used to manage treatment-resistant depression in clinical settings. Furthermore, there is no reason to believe it could harm you to enjoy it and have sex in a safe environment.

Benefits of Having Sex on Magic Mushrooms?

Disadvantages of Taking Shrooms Before Sex

There are also disadvantages to taking shrooms before sex. For example, sometimes you can have what is commonly known as a bad trip.

These are some of the disadvantages of sex on psychedelics:

  1. First, they could give you a terrible sexual experience. Sometimes, especially with strangers, having sex on shrooms could bring back horrible sex memories, which could worsen your experience of sex on shrooms. Also, it is not meant as a sexual enhancement substance. For sexual enhancement, you would need to buy ED pills online in Canada from a reliable source.
  2. Sex on mushrooms can dig into your subconscious. You could experience past traumas or anxiety. If you cannot work through it or handle it, it could be a negative experience for you.
  3. It is not given that the trip will always be fun. Sometimes psychedelics could throw you in a head space that makes you perturbed by the intricate concept of the human body. So, you should always be prepared for bad trips.
  4. After tripping, you will likely not be in the right state of mind to consent to sex. Therefore, you might need to establish intentions and boundaries with your partner. Otherwise, it could be an awful sexual experience.
  5. It could give you the false idea that you have fallen in love and found a soulmate. Psilocybin could amplify the connection through the elevated release of serotonin, giving you the propensity to bond.


Where to Buy Shrooms Online in Canada?

The Canadian government prohibits producing, selling, and even possessing magic mushrooms. The active substances, psilocybin and psilocin, are controlled substances.

However, Health Canada can give special permission in the form of licenses or exemptions to produce and sell shrooms.

Therefore, there could be licensed mushroom dispensaries. However, we recommend Weed Delivery Vancouver for your shroom needs. They have knowledgeable personnel to help address your queries.



Shrooms are psychedelics that give you heightened perception when you microdose and hallucinations in higher doses. Sex on shrooms is an experience to look forward to due to the intimate and visceral experience brought by shrooms. However, make sure you have made consent and safety considerations before going on the trip.

Consider WDV the next time you consider buying shrooms. They have knowledgeable personnel to help you if it is your first time. You can even find other psychedelics like LSD for sale in Canada.



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