Kief vs. Hash

Kief vs. Hash

Kief and hash are cannabis concentrates. Kief is a part of the cannabis plant that’s sticky, while hash is pressurized and heated kief, creating a solid.

Here we’ll discuss what is kief and hash, their relation, and differences, and where you can buy them online. Read to the end to understand more.


What Is Kief?

Kief is a sticky substance that remains on your hands when you grind cannabis flowers. When a cannabis plant matures, the cannabis buds grow resin glands called trichomes, which include CBD, THC, terpenes, and other compounds. These trichomes appear like thin hairs, usually dried and broken off to create kief.

Kief typically has a lighter brown or light gold colour than fresh bud trichomes. It also has a fine powder form. Kief is also called pollen and, sometimes, can be spelt ‘Keef.’

Kief contains high amounts of cannabinoids which are a bit strong. It can have around 50-80% of THC content. If you smoke kief or vape, you can have effects for almost 4 hours, but it all depends on your tolerance.

You can use a herb grinder containing a multi-chamber herb grinder to collect kief easily. These herb grinders have a kief catcher at the bottom, where kief collects naturally. The more you grind, the more kief will collect and build up.

Typically it can be added to vape chambers, joints, or bowls for an extra hit when there is no bud. Also, if you have accumulated more, you can press it into hash.

Remember that pure and premium-grade kief is bound to a lighter colour, sometimes off-white or yellow. If you notice kief that’s green or a bit dark, it means some plant substances are mixed. Clean kief tends to be more bright with an eggshell colour.

What Is Kief?

What Is Hash?

Hash or hashish is typically a cannabis concentrate created from trichomes. These cannabis trichomes are usually removed and pressed using heat to create a concentrated appearance. Hash is generally dark green or brown in either a ball or brick shape.

Hashish has become a popular cannabis product with its different types, which include:

  • Bubble hash or ice water hash
  • Crumble
  • Shatter
  • Budder
  • Dry sift hash
  • Rosin
  • Wax
  • Butane hash oil or honey oil

Every hash type has its title from its texture or the process they’re made. For example, the rosin is created from heat and pressure that creates a waxy consistency. The bubble hash comes from kief collected using dry ice, and dry sift made from kief collected using silk screens.

To get pure hash concentrates, you should avoid mixing plant substances with chemicals like propane or butane. Note that wax, crumble, budder, and shatter are created with chemical procedures, while bubble hash, rosin, and dry-sift hash are made using heat and pressure.

How Are Kief and Hash Related?

How Are Kief and Hash Related?

Let’s discuss the relation of kief and hash from the angle of how you make hash using kief.

Hashish is typically a concentrated kind of weed made from kief. Traditional hash is made from kief and a cannabis flower.

You use low heat to help with the decarboxylation process that converts THC-A or other acids to cannabinoids that are required. Also, the heat helps the bricks stay together, creating thick plant matter and a fine flavour to your hash.

Below are easy steps to make your own hash at home:

  1. Use parchment paper to collect kief. When collecting kief, ensure you fold the paper flat so your kief is covered on both sides
  2. Then cover your parchment paper in a newspaper
  3. Wet the newspaper until it’s damp but not wet
  4. On low heat, press the iron to the newspaper for some minutes on all sides until your newspaper is dry
  5. When the newspaper is dry, unroll it and the parchment paper. You will be left with hashish, often black or brown

Now your hashish is ready to vaporize, smoke, or dab. Also, you can use it to make edibles. Ensure you don’t overheat it to avoid degrading cannabinoids.


What Is the Difference Between Kief and Hash?

Hash is the same as kief, but it’s stronger and more refined. 

These two have some major differences that are:

  • Kief is a bit cheaper
  • Kief gives a higher feeling
  • Kief is easier to create


On the other hand, the hash is:

  • A bit expensive
  • Intense and gives an extremely high
  • Is it complicated to make


How to Use Kief

With your collected kief, you can use it in various ways. Below  are some of the ways to use it:

Joint Sprinkles

If you need to get extra high, sprinkle some kief over a bud before you roll your joint. A clean covering with some kief on the bud makes a significant difference. With this method, your high is extreme, but the actual high depends on your strain.

You can use the edge of your credit card or metal to sprinkle the kief. Avoid using paper to avoid kief sticking because of the sticky resin.

A Latte

It’s possible to sprinkle some kief on your coffee. Use at least half a gram of kief to mix in the coffee.

Use hot coffee to activate kief chemicals. This will get you the average boost of caffeine and the high of kief. This mixture is manageable, but don’t do it for the first time when you have an essential meeting or schedule. Store your kief in a cool and dark place.


Where to Buy Kief and Hash Online in Canada?

These two products are mostly about selecting the best results, either intense hash or less intense kief. The point is to purchase from a reputable dispensary. Some dispensaries offer kief online if you need less intense results, and other shops offer hash online for intense results.

Weed Delivery Vancouver is the best store you can buy hash online in Canada. It has different cannabis concentrates and excellent services. Make your order today to get the best kief or hash online in Canada. 



While it’s easy to go for intensity, it’s not always the consideration for the cannabis product you need. Typically you would consider hash because of its potency, but you should seek a doctor’s recommendation. If you want something for recreation, then you can consider kief as long as you get the results you were hoping for.

Get the differences from this article and, together with your needs, make the best decision. 



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