How to Smoke Hash

How to Smoke Hash

Updated on July 4, 2021, By the Weed Delivery Vancouver Team


Most people know that you can smoke weed, but not everyone knows you can also smoke hash. Many people probably don’t even know what hash is. So let’s start off with the basics. Hash is a concentrated form of THC that comes from cannabis plants. Let’s take a closer look at the various ways of how to smoke hash. 


In A Joint

Break off a chunk of hash, grind it or break it apart, and roll in rolling paper with some weed. The extra THC from the hash will surely give your joint a potent kick. Tobacco can be mixed in as well if you like. 

In A Pipe

Break several pieces of hash off and place them in your pipe. A few small chunks are better than one large chunk when using a pipe as this allows for better airflow. Smoking hash in a pipe is not for everyone. Some people feel that smoking hash in a pipe is wasteful as a lot of the hash burns off before you get a chance to inhale it.


To dab, you will need a glass banger (aka an oil rig). Bubble hash is great for dabbing. Regular cleaning of your banger is essential, especially if you are switching between different products. Dabbing burns the hash slowly, so you have a smoother experience. 


If you have no other option on hand, you can heat a knife on the stove or over a fire, then place a piece of hash on the hot knife. Secure the hash chunk with a paperclip so it doesn’t fall off. Then you can inhale the smoke through a straw. That is less efficient than other methods as much of the smoke escapes. 


Vaping is very popular as it is considered to be healthier than smoking hash. A quality vape pen is vital. You can buy one made explicitly for cannabis concentrates. Read the instruction manual for your vape pen to be sure you are getting the best experience. Clean your vape pen between uses. 

In A Bong

A bong is a tool that allows you to gather smoke in a chamber that you can then inhale into your lungs. The use of a bong lets the smoke cool but not escape before being inhaled into your lungs. Like a pipe, break the hash into small bits for better airflow. 


Hash Guide to Dosages 

  • 1-2.5 mg of THC is used for minor pain relief, stress and anxiety relief, or beginners.
  • 2.5-15 mg of THC is used to relieve chronic pain and other medical conditions such as antisocial personality disorder or trouble sleeping. This dosage of THC may cause a sense of altered reality and a lack of coordination. 
  • 15-30 mg of THC  is used for chronic insomnia and recommended for experienced users. 
  • 30-50 mg of THC is used for those who don’t metabolize cannabis well. A dose of this level will cause intense feelings of euphoria. 


Hash Measurements To Know

Street Measurements

Metric Equivalent

Equal to

1 gram 1 gram Six grapes
⅛ oz 3.5 grams 1 ½ kiwi
¼ oz 7 grams An apple
½ oz 14 grams 1 ½ grapefruit
1 oz 28 grams A Coconut
1 Ib 446 grams A Little More than 1 Watermelon


Buying Hash Online in Canada

Buying hash or other marijuana products is easier than ever before. There are multiple online dispensaries licensed through the Cannabis Act. Here at Weed Delivery Vancouver, we have some of the best quality products on the market.  We follow government mandates that ensure quality control and customer safety. Our team strives to be your number one source for quality hash and exceptional customer service. 

Why go to the neighbourhood dispensary when you can discreetly and conveniently order your hash with just a few clicks? Weed Delivery Vancouver has various products available, including weed edibles and devices for use such as bongs, oil rigs, and vape pens. We hope our hash discussion has helped you learn how to buy hash online, how to smoke hash, and most of all, how to enjoy your hash! 

Weed Delivery Vancouver is here to fulfill all your needs for quality hash and other marijuana extracts. 




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