How Is Cannabis Grown? Introduction to Growing Marijuana Plants

How Is Cannabis Grown? Introduction to Growing Marijuana Plants

Research and Prep

Growing marijuana can be a daunting task for novices, so start with research and planning. You need to be familiar with the basics before you can hope to have any success growing buds decent enough to smoke. Once you have done your research, you need to decide if photoperiods or autoflowers are the best options. You will also need to choose what sort of soil mixture you will be growing in. Finally, you will need various equipment such as pots, fans, lights, fertilizers, etc., depending on which type of strains you decide to cultivate.  Also, you want to start with premium cannabis seeds. Click here for high-quality cheap marijuana seeds.

Cannabis mainly requires nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other minor elements such as calcium and magnesium. In addition, pest control is vital as certain pests such as spider mites, fungus gnats, and root aphids are particularly attracted to cannabis plants. 


Germinating The Seeds

There are various ways to get your seeds started, including moistening the seeds. Be careful, however, as too much water can cause the seed never to spout. The paper towel method is one of the most popular forms of germination. You soak the seeds in water for at least ten hours, then wrap them in paper towels until sprouts begin to peek through. 

After the seeds begin sprouting, you will place them in your soil or medium, where they will receive at least sixteen hours of light. You will, of course, need to water them. But, again, research is critical to ensure you know how much to water. Over or under-watering can leave you with failure to thrive plants. 

Vegetative Cycle

The cannabis plant will grow taller and sprout leaves in the vegetative cycle but not yet flower. The vegetative cycle can last indefinitely as long as the amount of light stays above a certain threshold. 


Flowering Cycle

If growing indoors, you will cut the light time by adding 12 hours of darkness once the plants have reached the desired height. Once the 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness begin, it must be continued daily, or the plants will go back into a vegetative state. 

In weeks one through three of flowering, cannabis plants can grow as much as double their vegetative size.

In weeks four through five, buds start to pop out, and the plants halt their vertical growth as all their energy is being put into producing buds. During these weeks, cannabis plants usually need more potassium and phosphorus but less nitrogen. 

In weeks six through eight, buds will continue to emerge, the smell of the plants will strengthen, and crystals will first become noticeable.  

The buds will fill in and flesh out as their hairs begin to curl inwards from week nine and on. The buds will become sticky, feeling from the abundance of crystals to the touch. Mould is a concern from week nine on, so vigilance is vital. 

Your plants’ flowering time will vary depending on their strain, so once again, research will let you know what to expect. You are at the mercy of the weather if you grow outdoors, significantly affecting flowering. 

That is an introductory crash course in growing cannabis, but you can always order from a trusted online head shop if it seems overwhelming. Cannabis Canada runs off the convenience of doorstep delivery for their bud. 


Curing & Drying

If you decide to DIY your weed, you must understand how closely quality is tied to properly curing your harvest. Once you harvest your plants, you will want to find a place to hang them up to dry. Some growers cut most of the leaves off and shave the cannabis flowers down, while others like to leave the leaves intact as this gives the chlorophyll more time to disperse and thus extends the drying time. You will know your crop has dried enough when the buds are relatively dry to the touch but not so brittle that merely touching them causes them to crumble into dust.

You will then place your buds into sealed containers to keep the humidity at the optimal 59 to 63 percent for curing. The containers should be airtight, but you will need to unseal them occasionally to let some fresh air and circumvent mould growth. That process is known as burping your jars


Storing Your Marijuana

Mason jars are the go-to storage containers for the weed Canada community. An airtight seal is crucial to optimize the shelf life of your bud. Marijuana should be kept in a cool and dark place as too much heat or light can break down THC. For long-term storage, weed can be refrigerated or frozen (but be sure to use a freezer-proof Ziploc).

In Conclusion

Now that you know the basic steps to grow cannabis, all you need is the equipment, location, and seeds. You want to make sure you get top-quality genetics, so you want to buy cannabis seeds online in Canada from a reliable source. 

If growing cannabis is not for you, or you just want the convenience of being able to buy buds from a trusted source, then there are plenty of options. You can try online purchases from mail-order sites such as Daily Marijuana. Alternatively, you can get same-day local service from dispensaries like Weed Delivery Vancouver





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