Best Place to Buy Cheap Shatter Online in Canada

Best Place to Buy Cheap Shatter Online in Canada

Shatter is among the most recent additions to the list of frequently consumed concentrates, dating back to the late-1990s. Shatter got its name from its propensity to become brittle and hard at or below room temperature. 

Its rising popularity can be attributed to its strong concentration, mood-altering properties, and appearance, which has many users in a chokehold. 

Fortunately, the production, sale, and purchase of cannabis are legal within Canadian borders, which makes access to safe and pure shatter a breeze.

Want to learn more about shatter, how to use it and where to buy it? Here’s a deeper understanding of shatter; read on to learn more.


What is Shatter?

Shatter is a marijuana concentrate that is very popular among Gen-Z and Millenials thanks to its high THC content. The drug is the strongest marijuana concentrate that can knock even the most experienced cannabis consumers off their feet. 

Shatter gets its name from its staggering resemblance to glass that shatters when broken. It is also very brittle and malleable, allowing you to break it easily with your fingers. It is translucent and has colours ranging from rich ambers to lighter yellow hues, typically like vegetable oil.

Although shatter is most well-known for its sky-high THC content of over 60%, some cannabis concentrate manufacturers have begun producing CBD shatter. The difference between the two is that CBD shatter is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), but its THC content is quite low, and THC shatter is rich in THC and low in CBD. 

The former is popular among many medical marijuana patients because it provides a considerable therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effect without the powerful high associated with other concentrates’ high THC content. On the other hand, the latter is mainly used for recreational purposes or when you just want to get high and chill.

Shatter stays in your system for differing periods based on various factors, including how often you use and ingest it and your metabolism. However, generally, shatter can be detected in hair and urine for up to 90 days after the previous use.

How is Shatter Made?

How is Shatter Made?

Shatter’s manufacturing process begins with a butane extraction. Butane under pressure is sprayed on a container holding finely powdered marijuana flowers. The butane solution runs into a collection dish, where the combustible butane evaporates quickly, leaving only a concentrated and translucent solution.

Butane’s molecular properties and propensity to dissolve things make it a perfect solvent for removing marijuana’s active ingredients and terpenes. 

Once the necessary terpenes, cannabinoids, and other key components are removed, the crude extract used to make shatter is spread onto planks similar to cookie sheets and then put in a vacuum oven. The vacuum oven helps remove any remaining ethanol and settles the extract into its ultimate state—a crystalline, glass-like consistency easily shattered into smaller pieces for consumption.


How to Consume Shatter

There are multiple ways to consume shatter. You can smoke like a crack where you place the fine ground shatter on a surface and inhale it. Alternatively, you can use vaporizer pens or put it in food and consume it as edibles.

The most popular way to consume shatter is by adding it to a blunt. This process is called “waxing.”

How to Consume Shatter

How is Shatter Stored?

Like any other drug, shatter must be stored in a cool, dry place using parchment paper. 

Follow the steps below:

STEP 1: On the parchment paper, scatter the shattered glass. 

STEP 2: Make enough cuts to completely fold the paper over the shatter and ensure no gaps around the edge. 

STEP 3: Put the parchment paper containing the shatter in a child-proof bag.

STEP 4: If you reside in a warm climate, consider storing your shatter in a refrigerator to ensure its safety. 

STEP 5: Consider freezing if you need to store the drug for an extended period. Place the parchment paper in a vacuum-sealed glass jar before putting it in the refrigerator. This prevents moisture from entering the container and ruining the concentrate.


What Does it Cost to Purchase Shatter?

A gram of shatter can sell between $50 and $150, based on its strength and purity. If it’s of lower grade, you could pay between $60 and $90. This may vary depending on where you reside and who you purchase from.


What Are The Benefits of Buying Shatter?

The fact that shatter has a powerful and almost instantaneous effect is one of its primary advantages. When dabbed or vaped, shatter cannabinoids enter the bloodstream quickly, allowing immediate medicinal and euphoric effects. 

Its immediate effects allow users to use fewer products since cannabis extracts are much more potent than regular cannabis flowers. In the long run, you may spend less than you would if you consumed regular marijuana.


Where to Buy Cheap Shatter Online in Canada?

At Weed Delivery Vancouver, we are the leading marijuana retailer in Canada. We pride ourselves in offering the finest marijuana concentrates. Our products are sourced from trusted, licensed, and certified farmers who take their time to ensure they are qualified. Alternatively, you can get mail order shatter at places like Get Kush, or get same-day delivery in other Provinces like from Toronto Weed Delivery.

To ensure that our customers receive the best possible product, we manufacture our shatter from the highest quality buds and subject it to laboratory testing. You can select the appropriate shatter strain for your needs from our wide variety of options.

Our website is also very easy to use, and it only takes a short time for us to deliver your order. Our customer service team is also always on their toes to ensure your experience is smooth in case of any issue. Contact us today.



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