A Guide to Cannabis Distillates

A Guide to Cannabis Distillates

Cannabis distillates are one of the newest weed concentrates in the industry and are unlike anything previously seen. The distillates offer the best versatility among the concentrates and are consumable in various methods. Since this is a new form of consumption, you must gather as much information as possible before indulging. One should take some precautions when consuming distillates to have the best experience. Throughout this guide, we cover everything you need to know.

What Exactly is Cannabis Distillate?

Cannabis distillate is the purest form of concentrate you can get on the market. The substance is cannabis oil, but it has undergone various extractions, filtrations, and purifications. Through the process, it can achieve up to 99 percent THC concentrations. Its potency makes it a particularly sought-after product on the market. Currently, the industry cannot keep up with the demand for it.

Distillates are the final product after the plant is stripped of its other properties like natural oils, compounds, and materials. The only remaining element is a substance that contains a specific cannabinoid. Commonly, this is THC, but there are many CBD distillates. Borrowing the process from essential oil companies, CBD manufacturers have tinkered with the idea of a pure distillate for years. They discovered it in the late 90s, but the concentrate has only gained popularity recently. 

The appeal of the distillate is its versatility. It can be used in almost any consumption method and remains one of the most potent concentrates on the market. You can dab, vape, or use them in any form that appeals to you.

The Characteristics of Distillates

An immediate distinction you notice about distillates is they have no distinct aroma or taste. This is because, during the distillation process, all of the terpenes are removed. As a result, there is no smell even if you dab the distillate. Many manufacturers add some later to craft a distinct aroma despite lacking terpenes

The other key distinction, as stated earlier, is that distillates contain the highest level of THC in a product you can find on the market. These distillates isolate a single cannabinoid. Usually, THC comes in at 99 percent, which will give you one of the hardest-hitting highs of your stoner career. If you are a new or even an intermediate weed user, we recommend working your way up to a distillate. Only hardcore stoners with high tolerances or people with chronic medical conditions should partake in distillates.

Consuming Your Distillate

There are several ways you can consume distillates. Their versatility is partially what makes them so popular. The most common method is vaping or dabbing your distillate. It is easily handled on both a dab or a vape pen and produces so smell since it contains no terpenes. The other method that is becoming increasingly popular is incorporating distillates into weed edible recipes. Stoners opt for the distillate compared to weed because adding a couple of drops is a lot easier than making cannabutter. When using them in cannabis edibles, keep in mind the potency consumed as an edible; the effect will be felt that much stronger. We suggest starting small when adding the distillate to your favourite cannabis recipe. Remember, THC edibles can take up to four hours before you feel anything.

Distillate can also be taken by itself. Most users place drops directly on the tongue and feel the powerful effects only moments later. Beware, one drop is enough for most experienced stoners and often brings on an intense high. However you consume it, always start with a low dose for the first time, even if you are a regular smoker. These distillates and their potency are unlike any other product on the market. The tiniest drop is the best place to start, then work your way up to find the proper dosage.  

Distillate vs. Other Cannabis Products

Cannabis Distillate is quite different than regular cannabis flowers. The plant itself contains roughly 500 other chemicals. Moreover, the cannabis plant only has about 20 percent of THC. While distillate only has one of the 500 compounds from the original plant. While it can be any of these 500 compounds, the most common is usually THC. When a distillate’s compound is THC, it can test as high as 99 percent. Since it has a higher THC level, it produces a drastically different high than regular cannabis.

Cannabis distillate is becoming a common ingredient in edibles instead of regular cannabis.

Edibles made with distillate are different than ones made with regular cannabis. Distillate edibles are far more potent than traditional edibles. Users are replacing regular cannabis because distillate is much easier to use, but also it creates a robust and stable high.

Cannabis distillates are a form of concentrates like shatter, budder, or live resin, but they are significantly more potent than them. These concentrates are not easily applied topically to joints, bowls, or under tongues. However, distillates do not have terpenes like resin or other concentrates. So, if you want to experience a distinct aroma or flavour profile with your high, you should look for other concentrates instead of distillates.

Cannabis oils and distillates have many similarities. They both can be topically applied. Additionally, both are easily measured using droppers. Usually, people apply these under the tongue to manage the taste. Or people will also add cannabis oils to food or edibles. The main difference between these two is, once again, that distillates are far more potent than cannabis oils. The oils still contain various other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant materials that reduce their potency.

The Medical, Psychological, and Physical Benefits

Since cannabis distillate contains the highest THC levels, it also has widespread medical, psychological, and physical benefits. High THC distillates provide significant relief for chronic pain or inflammation of the joints.  THC blocks your pain receptors from signalling your brain, so you experience less intense pain.

Cannabis distillate also can provide benefits for many mental health disorders. Studies show that THC helps with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia. In addition, these distillates are shown to improve mood and boost positivity. As a typical concentrate, you may feel tempted to substitute it for another like shatter, budder, or resin, but keep in mind that distillate’s potency is still unmatched among all available products. Both concentrates can treat medical and mental disorders but remember that distillates produce a more powerful effect.

Knowing the difference between distillate and other concentrates is crucial to understanding how they use medically and psychologically. For example, the distillate is made of one compound, usually THC. Regular concentrates offer relief for anxiety and paranoia, but too much THC can produce the opposite effect. So, a distillate that is pure THC can increase anxiety and paranoia. However, regular concentrates usually do not deliver this effect. Understanding the differences between concentrates and distillates should help you better know which to treat your physical or psychological disorders.

Best Place to Buy THC Distillate

You can buy THC distillate for a vape pen, dabbing, or edibles at almost any local dispensary. Another option is same-day Weed Delivery in Vancouver if you are from the lower mainland of British Columbia. They usually sell them as vape cartridges, syringes, and silicon containers of distillate wax. You find different prices depending on where you look, but a gram of distillate will cost around 60 dollars in most places. And if you can’t find your favourite product at your local dispensary, an online store such as Daily Marijuana or Weed List will sell and ship your THC distillate to you. 

As you shop and buy, keep in mind that this is one of the most potent products on the market. It is pure concentrated THC in liquid form, and it will give even the most experienced stoners an intense high. So be cautious when deciding to partake in them. Don’t be afraid to use weed distillates, but remember to start slow. When used conservatively, they offer a range of medicinal and psychological benefits.

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