What is Moon Rock Weed?

What is Moon Rock Weed?

The cannabis industry keeps changing with every new invention. New products are entering the market as people get creative and strive for a better experience. One such product to recently hit the market is the moon rock weed.

Moon rock weed is marijuana dipped in or sprayed with hash oil or cannabis concentrates. Usually, they are made with mid-level strains and flower concentrates, but you can still make them using any other marijuana strain. These nuggets are then coated in rolled kief.


How are Moon Rocks Different from Normal Cannabis Buds?

There are different types of weed products in the market today, and people choose what they prefer based on what they have heard or experienced. Moon rock may be new, but it has a lot of hype. Many have praised the buds for their excellent quality and delivery, but is it worth it, or is it all a marketing strategy to promote the new product?

You may want to know what makes it different or outstanding before you invest. After all, it is all about quality experience and potency regarding cannabis products.

Moon rocks are a new entrant in the cannabis market. This is hash oil-dipped cannabis buds that are then rolled in kief. They can also be sprayed with hash concentrates instead of oil. This means they are a potent product and would be easily equated to a chocolate truffle instead of ordinary chocolate.

The top-shelf cannabis buds are rich and give a better experience for those who enjoy moon rock joints. However, if you want something unique, this is something to consider.

Benefits of Moon Rock Weed

Benefits of Moon Rock Weed

Most people invest in cannabis products carefully. It has to be safe and deliver the expected value. Fortunately, the moonrock weed does not disappoint.

It is so much more than has been described or revealed. You should expect to have a blast, especially if you are the kind of person that prefers being super high. 

Below are some of the benefits of moon rocks weed:

Offer Super High Feeling

Expect the moon rock weed to blow your mind when you first try it out. But you should get it if you want the best high from cannabis-related products. They offer a super high feeling that most weed lovers will appreciate.

Cost Effective

Besides that, moonrock weed is cost-effective, which is a significant contributor to why it is preferred by many. You do not have to break the bank to enjoy a high-quality weed experience. 

Moreover, a little of it will go a long way, making them great for medical patients and people who enjoy high THC doses.

Improves Self Confidence

Smoking moon rocks is also a great way to break the ice. You will discover how easy a conversation starter it is. In case you are the kind that has a shy social personality, then consider making moon rocks weed your go-to type of weed if you enjoy weed.


Disadvantages of Moon Rock Weed

Here are the disadvantages associated with Moon Rock Weed:

Not For All People

The first demerit is that it may cause a super kind of high which could be better for everyone. But unfortunately, not all people can manage to be this high without consequences.

Messy To Smoke

Moonrock may also be messy and requires a glass to smoke. It is possible to place them on a blunt/joint but avoid using a grinder. You must know how best to handle them if you enjoy them thoroughly.

Needs Proper Storage

This moonrock Canada is not your ordinary cannabis product. Just like the regular cannabis flower, you need to store it in a cool, dry place to ensure they don’t get all melty. 

While you may be looking forward to enjoying an excellent weed experience, you need to understand what you are getting yourself into for a fulfilling experience. Be sure you can handle all the mess this weed product has.

Where to Buy Moon Rock Weed Online in Canada

How to Make Moon Rock Cannabis Buds

Nothing excites weed lovers more than knowing they have alternatives to their favourite product. You will not miss your experience when you run out of the product or when you are not in a position to buy another batch. This is possible simply because you can make your moon rock at home.

All you need is a good recipe and the ingredients all together.

This also allows you to play around with different strains and make the rocks unique to your taste and preference. You can even consider the option of doing this for profit.

If you intend to make moon rocks for sale or have some for personal use whenever you want, follow the procedure below:

  1. Find a flower bud that is easy to handle. Go for the kind that isn’t difficult to handle in the sense that it will not crumble when handled excessively.
  2. Make sure to cover your bud of choice with your preferred concentrate type
  3. Make use of tongs when handling the bud, and then be sure to have it covered with a knife so that the oil is completely covered.
  4. Allow your moon rock to dry.
  5. Once this is done, break it into smaller parts to create your perfect cannabis moon rocks for use.

It is simpler than you may have thought of it before. Making some moon rocks for yourself is cheaper and gives you a better experience.


Where to Buy Moon Rock Weed Online in Canada

If you cannot make your moon rock weed, don’t worry about it since you can still purchase your favourite brand. Several outlets offer moonrocks Canada products. Identify a store that you find convenient and within your budget and make your order.  And be sure to buy bulk weed online in Canada so that you can take advantage of wholesale cannabis prices.

Investing in moon rock Canada products can be an experience you have never had before. 

The bottom line is to find an outlet like Weed Delivery Vancouver with good reviews on products and customer service. Fortunately, most offer competitive rates, which guarantee a great experience. Alternatively, get creative and make your own.



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