What is Kief?

What is Kief?

Kief is a cannabis concentrate product that is part of the cannabis plant and is popular amongst marijuana users, but why? 

Below, we’ll explore everything you need to know about what Kief is, why people use it, and how to use it. 


About Kief (aka Dry Sift)

Naturally, the cannabis plant is covered in glands known as trichomes, which contain the compounds you’re likely familiar with (like CBD and THC). When these trichome heads break off the cannabis buds and dry, they become kief. You can find kief in most cannabis concentrates sections at marijuana dispensaries. 

The colour of Kief may be a golden or brown-type colour. It is a powdery substance that can often be sticky. You may hear Kief referred to as “pollen” as another name.


What is Kief Used For?

Kief is the most concentrated part of cannabis plants because it is essentially THC in its purest form. Therefore, kief is preferable for users looking to achieve an intense high. 

That said, users do not need to use much to achieve a very intense high. A little bit goes a long way. Kief has a higher, more concentrated level of THC than standard weed. Standard weed has between 12 and 25% THC, while kief can have high levels of up to 75% THC! 

Many users also enjoy using Kief, as it contains a varied profile of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.


What is Kief Used For?


Kief Grinders

Most commonly, marijuana users use Kief in grinders, which break down the plant material into tiny pieces, making it easy to roll or back into bowls. The grinder usually has a chamber attached at the bottom to collect the powder. Kief can also be pressed into hash. You’ll need to purchase a grinder with a “kief catcher” or mesh screens to collect the crystals.

It is also important to note that collecting kief crystals can take some time. Over a few weeks or months, you’ll be able to use the kief crystals formed within your kief catcher.

You might notice that the colour of Kief varies. Purer Kief from reputable sources may have a lighter colour, whereas some forms of Kief may have darker green mixed in (from added plant matter). Kief that is whiter in colour means it has been thoroughly cleaned.

You can also collect kief through dry-sifting by using sift screens or a sifter box. Sifting screens help separate the pure trichomes from the unwanted cannabis material during the sieving process.


Using Kief

There are many creative ways to use Kief to achieve your desired effects. One popular way to use Kief involves adding a bit onto a bowl of cannabis. This may also be referred to as “crowning a bowl.” Adding Kief to your bowl increases the potency and achieves a higher percentage of THC. 

Another way many users use Kief is to put a pinch of Kief in when rolling joints or blunts. Again, this adds the extra kick to bring a more intense high when smoked.

Another way to use Kief is to make hash from it. To do this, the Kief pollen must be pressed into balls or bricks and then smoked. Some people also make “moon rocks,” condensed hash oil rolled in kief.

Kief can also be infused into cannabutter, made into press rosin, or used for making dry sift hash or bubble hash. How you choose to enjoy Kief is a personal preference. Regardless of the method of consumption, kief will undoubtedly add a kick to your regular marijuana.


Who Uses Kief

Anyone looking for an intense high can use Kief. However, it may be especially popular among certain users. For medical purposes, Kief can provide enhanced benefits for pain relief, sleep, or anxiety. This can be helpful when used to manage symptoms associated with certain health conditions. Recreationally, Kief is used by people looking for more potent effects than regular weed.

Using Kief is not dangerous for people. However, some methods of use may not be optimal. Using Kief by smoking it in a pipe or a bowl may be difficult. We recommend tiring the methods listed above to use Kief.



Is Using Kief Legal?

Kief is legal in Canada, and falls are governed by the same laws as cannabis. This means you can buy kief in Toronto and any other city across Canada legally. 

In the United States, kief is illegal in any stage where cannabis is illegal. Of course, it is legal if you have a medical card issued by that state. In states where recreational weed use is legal, using Kief is also legal.

Cannabis consumers should always check the rules of the state they reside in before using weed of any type.


Which Weed Varieties Contain Kief?

Some stains may produce more Kief than others, although this is not always the case. If you’re looking for the most Kief possible, try White Russian, OG Kush, Power Plant, Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, and other similar weed strains.


Try Kief and Dry Sift Hash 

With this information in mind, you’re now prepared to try Kief. Whether you’re seeking medical benefits to relieve pain, help sleep, or simply want an intense high, Kief can produce the strong effects you desire.

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