How To Get Higher From Weed

How To Get Higher From Weed

Does it ever seem like you need to smoke more weed just to get high? It’s not all in your head. Experienced or frequent marijuana users can develop a tolerance over time. Tolerance means that your body has adjusted to using a certain level of cannabis. If you want to know how to get higher from weed, you’ll need to try something new. Explore these tips for getting a better high from stronger cannabis and more potent products to different techniques.

How To Get Higher From Weed

How To Get Higher From Weed By Smoking

Many people start their cannabis journey by smoking marijuana flowers. Whether you began with joints, bongs, bowls, or anything else, you might hit a wall eventually. One strategy for getting higher from weed is simply to smoke more. If you usually smoke joints, it might be time to graduate to fat blunts. Or maybe enjoy two bowls when you used to stop at one.

You can also find a better high by changing what you’re smoking. Look for more potent cannabis strains that contain more THC. These varieties have more of the active ingredient that makes you feel high in the first place, so they’re perfect for delivering a more significant effect

Explore Edibles And Concentrates For A Better High

Smoking cannabis flower is a wonderful way to explore marijuana, but if you want to learn how to get higher from weed, you might need to leave the buds behind. Dried marijuana contains unused plant material that doesn’t get you high. Other, more potent cannabis products pack a much bigger punch. Explore the following options for a fuller experience.

How To Get Higher From Weed

How To Get Higher From Weed Concentrates

THC concentrates and extracts contain pure, isolated forms of marijuana’s active ingredients. These products hold a considerable amount of active compounds without any excess plant matter. That means that THC concentrates are more potent and more effective than smoking flowers by themself. You can try THC concentrates, including THC oils, capsules, tinctures, vape juice, hash, budder, distillates, HTFSE, diamonds, terp sauce, and more.

How To Get Higher From Weed Edibles

Cannabis edibles are food and drinks that contain THC concentrates. These products taste great but also offer a different experience than smoking. Your body breaks down the THC in an edible in your digestive system, not in your lungs. It’ll take longer for your edible to kick in, but the feeling of being high will also for hours longer than smoking. If you’re wondering how to get higher from weed, edibles are a fantastic option.

Use The Entourage Effect To Discover How To Get Higher From Weed

The “entourage effect” occurs when you use full-spectrum products that contain all the active ingredients from the marijuana plant. You’ll have a better high when you consume CBD, CBG, and other compounds alongside THC. You don’t necessarily need to source more potent cannabis strains to enjoy a better high. Start by making sure you’re using a well-rounded variety for the best results.


Explore How To Get Higher From Weed For Yourself

The world of cannabis is different for all of us. Your biochemistry responds in a unique way to every product. If you’re exploring how to get higher from weed, we encourage you to experiment with different methods! 

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