How to Come Down From a Magic Mushroom High?

How to Come Down From a Magic Mushroom High

Whether you’ve tried them or not, you’ve likely heard of shrooms. Magic mushrooms, popularly known as shrooms, have been used for leisure purposes for ages and gained prominence in the 1960s when people used them to interact with the spirit world.

Over time, many people have come forward to advocate for its legalization because of the potential medical benefits, but this is a hundred-to-one shot. With time, we can only hope the Canadian government will work on its decriminalization and allow medicinal use.

Here is a complete run-down of all you need to know about shrooms:


What are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are wild mushrooms that contain psilocybin, a psychedelic and hallucinogenic compound. These mushrooms have dark brown crowns with long, thin, white-gray stems and a white or light brown core, resembling dried common mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms can be cooked, consumed raw as dried shrooms, brewed like tea, or coupled with tobacco or cannabis flowers to be smoked. 


What is a Shroom Trip?

A shroom trip is the high you get from using magic mushrooms. The trip is determined by the quantity you take, your mood, your environment, and the people around you. 

Psilocybin is a hallucinogen, which causes you to perceive things as real even though they aren’t. Common side effects of a mushroom trip include euphoria, increased energy, excitement, slowed or increased heart rate, headache, high body temperature, fast breathing, nausea, and vomiting.

On the extreme, shrooms may cause unpleasant highs known as bad trips characterized by side effects like anxiety, unsettling hallucinations, panic, dread, and paranoia. Bouncing back from bad trips can be challenging, but it eventually decreases.

How Long Does a Shroom High Last?

How Long Does a Shroom High Last?

Shrooms high don’t kick in immediately. It may take 20 to 40 minutes to feel the effects, typically after the psilocybin has been converted into psilocin. The high typically lasts for three to six hours but can go on for over 24 hours, depending on a few factors.

A few factors that determine how long the high lasts are:

  • Pre-existing mental condition
  • The shroom species
  • Method of consumption
  • Your frame of mind
  • Your tolerance level
  • The dosage level (normal doses vs microdosing shroom capsules)


How to Come Down From a Magic Mushroom High?

If you are anxious to hasten the experience’s end, there are numerous ways to quicken the process and come to an end a little earlier. 

Although each person is different, the following general tips and approaches could help you regain normalcy:

Consume Water

Even if drinking more water has become the new cure for all illnesses, dehydration can be a significant problem while on a psychedelic trip. Because even mild dehydration can lead to headaches, weariness, or dizziness, maintaining the proper water level in your body ensures that the shroom trip reduces.

Become Active

Increasing your metabolism can aid in the removal of psilocin from your body. For example, walk or jog a short distance around the block. Engaging your body in activities ensures your system’s metabolic processes will move the drugs quicker. Another great way to feel grounded is through exercise, but remember to do it responsibly. For example, if you have a bad trip, you might not want to increase your heart rate.


It may seem cliche, but getting some sleep is essential for a calm psychedelic trip. If there were any problems on your trip, addressing them without taking a break would likely be less beneficial than after you’ve had some time and space to recover. Especially if your body and mind are exhausted from the experience, sleeping is your best bet.

Environment Change

A bad trip might result from various factors, but your environment has a significant role.

Anything as basic as a shift in the terrain can alter the nature of the trip. If you’re feeling stressed, look for a safe, pleasant, calm place to relax and lie down.

Take a Snack

While your body doesn’t often crave food when you’re high, snacking while trying to recover from a trip might be helpful. Eating is a typical action that could help you feel more grounded and moderate the condition. In addition, specific meals, like bananas, seaweed, and asparagus, can help your body break down the pre-entheogenic components of psilocybin more quickly. As a result, your body can detoxify narcotics from your body more quickly.

Get Medical Care

Although Psilocybin is one of the psychedelic substances that causes the least number of trips to the ER, ingesting the improper shrooms species can give you a hell of a time. If you believe you might have eaten the incorrect type of mushroom, seek help immediately before the situation gets out of hand.

How to Come Down From a Shroom High?

Is Magic Mushroom Addictive?

Whether shrooms are addictive is up for dispute. The first argument is that Psilocybin use is not compulsive or addictive because users of psilocybin may limit their use due to the intense experience, which can be physically and intellectually challenging.

Another argument is that after just a few days of repeated usage, people require substantially higher doses of psilocybin, making it very difficult to feel any effects after more than four days of use.

On the other hand, magic mushroom abusers risk becoming addicted to the euphoric high that they have trouble adjusting to life in the “real world.” Furthermore, they can lose their memories while taking psilocybin mushrooms to sustain their altered state, and they can lose their memories.


Conclusion on How to Come Down From a Magic Mushroom High

It is hard to pinpoint exactly how long Psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms, can stay in your system. We can only make an educated guess because people are different, and its effects are felt differently. Some premium-quality dried magic mushrooms can be much more potent than weaker varieties.

All in all, avoid using mushrooms on the day you have a full schedule. The high may persist, affecting your productivity or, worst case, getting a bad trip. Also, ensure that you are in a good mood, in the right mental state, around the right people, and most of all, take the correct species. 

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