Best Things To Do On Shrooms

Best Things To Do On Shrooms

While the popularity of shrooms continues to grow immensely across the globe, and clinical trials of psilocybin continue to yield promising results, no psilocybin-containing products have been approved for use in Canada. 

This notwithstanding, many people enjoy shrooms, which contain psilocybin as one of the active ingredients, under the government’s radar.

When used responsibly, shrooms give a relaxing and smooth high that is incomparable to many drugs. However, what exactly are shrooms?


What Are Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms, commonly known as shrooms, as the name suggests, are typical mushrooms that can be cultivated or grown in the wild and contain psilocybin, a psychoactive substance. Psilocybin is the substance that’s responsible for the effects of shrooms.

There are more than 180 different species of mushrooms that contain psilocybin, which, when consumed, have hallucinogenic or psychedelic effects. 

Typically, magic mushrooms are best enjoyed when you dry and mix them in your food or beverages. However, other people enjoy consuming freshly harvested psilocybe mushrooms. The most common shroom products include dried shrooms, shroom gummies, shroom capsules, and shroom drinks. Whichever way you prefer, it all narrows down to preference.

The effects are similar to effects you would find with products at PrismsLSD. However, shrooms are milder than LSD.


What Is A Shrooms High Like

What Is A Shrooms High Like


A psychedelic trip is the high that comes with shrooms. This high lasts for two to six hours and will mostly alter your mood, consciousness, perception, and sensory experience. Colours, sounds, objects, and even time can appear different. 

Some people have mild hallucinations, also called visuals, while others may experience extreme effects, which is referred to as a bad trip. 

Some factors that contribute to a bad trip include:

  • Taking a high dose
  • Taking shrooms for the first time
  • Being in a negative emotional state either before or after taking shrooms
  • Being in overly stimulating environments
  • Taking shrooms when you are already intoxicated with other drugs
  • Being alone
  • Dehydration

A bad trip is usually accompanied by the following:

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Nausea

The high intensity depends on the amount consumed and the potency of psilocybin in the mushrooms. The potency of psilocybin in magic mushrooms varies based on the shroom’s freshness, the season they are grown, and where they grow. 

However, you can also be:

  • Very chirpy
  • Euphoric
  • Energized
  • Excited

The amount you consume, the environment, the people you’re with, and how comfortable you are with them will impact your feelings.


Best Things To Do On Magic Mushrooms

When you are on shrooms, don’t just lay around. Engaging your brain will help you get a better high and enjoy yourself while you’re at it. 

Here are a few things you can do:


Mushrooms have been shown, like other psychedelics, to increase creativity. Mushies can help you observe patterns you’ve never seen before and forms you’ve never imagined. This way, you can come up with a very creative masterpiece. 


They say the most honest man is a drunk man. The same applies to when you’re high on shrooms. The drug will make you quite vulnerable and candid as you can get. 

Take advantage of the profound experience, and write exactly what you feel, your thoughts, and generally anything about the experience. Once you cool down or the following day, you can go over what you wrote.

Your journaling can be as rigid or loose as you wish. You may find that meticulously documenting your thoughts allows you to learn much about yourself.

Playing music

There is no better feeling than listening to music when high. Your preference will determine the best type of music to listen to, but relaxing music is your best bet. However, if hard rock or dancehall is your cup of tea, by all means…

Watch movies or television

Movies or watching your favourite TV show will make the experience ten times better. But remember, completely keep off graphic or scary movies. Shrooms cause hallucinations, and the last thing you want when you are in that vulnerable state is to see ghosts on TV as real. 

The best genre to watch is comedy or animation. Those will appear ten times funnier. 

Hang out with your friends

Best Things To Do On Magic Mushrooms

The first rule of taking shrooms is always to ensure that you are with others and never in an isolated place. Ensure that you are around your close friends and in a fun mood. You can play games, banter, dance, or have fun conversations. You can try mixing shrooms with weed or enjoy puffing on quality Vibez Air Disposable Vapes.

Engage your talent

Being high allows you to channel your creative juices. If you are a songwriter, you can write a hit song; if you are an artist, you can create a nice drawing; and writers can write beautiful stories.

However, avoid engaging in dangerous activities that could result in an unforeseeable situation, such as cooking fires or drowning while swimming.

Going for a stroll

Going for a walk with your friends when high is such a relaxing feeling. However, only use routes you are well familiar with. Avoid roads that may give you intrusive thoughts, such as jumping off a cliff or in front of a car.

Opt for places with trees, not so much going on, and a relaxing environment. You can have deep conversations while on the way or just make jokes.


Where To Buy Shrooms Online In Canada

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