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Batch Highlights:

Faded Cannabis CBD Coffee presents a velvety and bold signature blend brewed exclusively from ethically sourced coffee beans. Meticulously crafted by the artisans at Faded Cannabis, this specialty blend is derived from premium coffee beans, dark-roasted to impeccably complement the delicate notes of their hemp-derived CBD, then flash-frozen to preserve their luxurious yet harmonious flavors. Each packet of CBD-infused coffee comes pre-mixed with sugar and a dairy-free cream alternative, making it as simple as adding hot water, stirring, and savoring!

Key Details:

CONTENTS/DOSAGE: Each package includes 2 servings. Just pour the desired amount into a cup of hot water and stir to enjoy.
INGREDIENTS: Dark Roast Coffee, Pure CBD Isolate, Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer (Glucose, Stabilizer, Milk Derivatives, Palm Oil, Emulsifier, Anti-caking Agent, Salt).

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