How To Make THC Distillate

thc distillate

How To Make THC Distillate

If you’re looking for a pure, extremely potent marijuana product, it’s hard to beat THC distillate

What is cannabis distillate? Distillates are a cannabis extract in which concentrated cannabis oils are distilled until they only contain THC

While all distillates are oils, not all cannabis oils are distillates. Cannabis oil is only a distillate if all other materials and undesirable compounds have been stripped and removed. Companies that specialize in making THC distillate produce amazingly clear distillates without any taste or smell. 

Can you make cannabis distillate at home? THC distillate is one of the most complicated recipes to tackle but let’s explore our method to see how to make THC distillate.


Explore How To Make THC Distillate

Before we begin, it’s important to know that creating concentrates and producing distillate can be dangerous if you do not have the appropriate equipment or experience with the extraction process. So make sure you do your research and learn about the different distillation techniques and processes.

When you’re learning how to make cannabis concentrates like THC distillate, you’ll move through several distinct steps. Cannabis distillate involves several processes, including extracting, winterization, decarboxylation, and distillation. 

Distillate is also a popular ingredient in other cannabis products like weed edibles. Cannabis edibles are any items infused with THC oil or a form of cannabis concentrate like distillate. Also, marijuana distillates are the main ingredient commonly found in vape cartridges. 

So, can you make cannabis distillate of your own? Check out the steps to learn what to expect.


Extracting Cannabinoids From the Cannabis Plant

During the extraction phase of making cannabis distillate, you’ll use a solvent to pull active ingredients from the cannabis plant. Solvents like ethanol, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons can all be used for your cannabis distillate. 

Extraction is the easiest part of learning how to make THC distillate. All you need to do is soak cannabis flowers in your solvent to extract the cannabinoids.


Winterizing The Extract

Winterization is the next step in how to make THC distillate. Winterization involves purifying the cannabis extracts to remove plant matter, fats, chlorophyll, and other contaminants. This step is called winterization because it requires a freezing work environment.

Mix the raw oil with ethanol and freeze it for 24-48 hours to winterize your extract. Freezing the mixture encourages impurities to separate from the mix. Next, filter the liquid and use a rotary evaporator to remove the ethanol from the extract.

Can you make cannabis distillate at home? Winterization requires some tools and equipment that most casual users don’t have. Cannabis consumers can always buy top-quality distillates from Weed Delivery Vancouver instead of trying to make your own batch and potentially ruin your cannabis flower.


Decarbing The Cannabinoids

Decarboxylation is another vital step in making cannabis distillate. Decarbing means gently heating cannabinoids like THC to activate the compounds. 

For example, when you’re learning how to make THC distillate, you need to decarb your mixture at 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This will transform passive compounds into the psychoactive substances you know and love.


The Distillation Process

The distillation process is the last step in making cannabis distillates. You’ll need specific distillation equipment like a cannabis distillation kit with a heating unit, cooling unit, vacuum pump, and storage containers to learn how to make THC distillate that’s potent and pure.

What is THC distillate’s process? Use the following steps to distill your mixture.

  1. Boil off terpenes and flavonoids while wiping the crude oil along the outside of the container. Keep the temperature below 315 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Pass the steam through a water-cooled tube to condense it back into liquid form. This step recaptures the terpenes and flavonoids.
  3. Increase the temperature and boil off the cannabinoid ingredients.
  4. Again, pass the steam through a water-cooled tube to condense it. Capture the distilled cannabinoids in a different container than you used for the terpenes.
  5. Combine both steam-distilled liquids to benefit from the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.


Don’t Want To Learn How To Make THC Distillate? Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online

Unlike other cannabis concentrates, THC distillates are hard to make at home. Separating desired cannabinoids from the cannabis plant matter is a daunting task. 

If you don’t want to invest in specialized equipment and ingredients, there’s no shame in sourcing your cannabis distillate from a dispensary. It’s easier to buy top-quality distillates from our friends at Weed Delivery Vancouver than to master the distillation process on your own. 

You’ll also enjoy reasonable prices, caring customer service, guaranteed shipping, and other perks. is an excellent place to buy THC distillates online in Canada, especially if you’re in a hurry for same-day delivery. 

Or, if you have some time to spare, then read up on the best mail-order marijuana in Canada and check out our friends over at

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