How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

how to grow magic mushrooms

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

Growing magic mushrooms is not overly complicated and involves a few simple steps. With our guide at Weed Delivery Vancouver, you’ll be among the many at-home mushroom growers across Canada. Of course, there will be a learning curve, and growing psilocybin mushrooms might not be for everyone, but it’s more straightforward than you might think. However, if you don’t have significant experience, don’t expect the quality to be as close as when you buy shrooms online in Canada. But if you are interested in how to grow magic mushrooms on your own, let’s take a look at what you need to get started.


Prep the Shroom Grow

To grow magic mushrooms indoors,  grab a container, preferably a jar. Then using a hammer and some nails, poke holes in the top of the lid. Next, prepare your mushroom spores and the substrate by combing the vermiculite and water. Then add brown rice flour to the vermiculite. Next, fill the jar halfway with water and using a cooking pot, bring it to a boil. 



Using moderate heat, make sure to sanitize your syringe, then wipe it off with an alcoholic wipe. Then using the syringe, extract some of your spores. Returning to the jar, use the holes to inject the spores. Inject only a portion of the solution. Repeat that process on all your jars. Finally, cover the holes with tape and set them aside. 


Fruiting the Shrooms

You should prepare a growing chamber with feeding material for the spores. To start, open your jars and remove the vermiculite layers, and run them under cold water to release any loose pieces. Then transfer them to the growing chambers. 


Harvesting Magic Mushrooms

Once transferred to the growing chamber, the mushrooms will look like tiny lumps. You want to make sure they are kept moist by using a humidifier or misting with a spray bottle. After 12 days, they are ready to be harvested. 

Once harvested, use some Epsom salt and a sealed container. Place the salt in the bottom of the container and place paper towels covering the salt. Then put in your mushrooms and cover the container. Make sure it is airtight. The salt will absorb the moisture from the shrooms. 

Keep in mind if you are not drying them, fresh shrooms do not last long. They can even spoil in a matter of weeks. So it is best to put them in cold storage.


Shroom Products You Can Buy

Dried Shrooms – These products are popular magic mushroom strains in its natural dried form

Shroom Chocolate – These chocolates undergo tempering that pulls the psychedelic compounds in shrooms and puts them into chocolate

Shroom DrinksShroom beverages like hot chocolate, tea, and kombucha blends are a much tastier method than eating dried mushrooms

Shroom Gummies – These chewable candies contain pure extracted psilocybin from shrooms. These are cute, delicious, and potent psychedelic edibles

Shroom Capsules – These are more medicinal mushrooms and are gelatin capsules that contain psilocybe cubensis

Find Your Favorite Magic Mushroom Dispensary

Now that you’ve learned how to grow your own magic mushrooms at home, you must buy your magic mushroom spores from a credible source to avoid the poisonous types found on the black market. Growing mushrooms may not be for everyone so there’s nothing wrong with just purchasing shroom products at WeedDeliveryVancouver instead. Whether you are a beginner looking to get the best deals on high-quality magic mushrooms in Canada or you’re a frequent shrooms user trying to find the most trippy magic mushrooms, make sure you are sourcing from a government-approved dispensary. If you find that shrooms aren’t for you and you rather stick to weed, get mail-order marijuana from a reliable source or try TorontoDelivery for same-day weed delivery.



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